Spalding and Magan Collection


Selection of Sanitarium Workers. From K. 200, ‘02 (P)

In regard to your statement that Dr. _____ would come to help you in the Wahroonga Sanitarium, on certain conditions, including the privilege of serving whatever food he might desire to serve at the table, I would say that you had better not accept the services of those who will come only on condition that such terms shall be made; for the terms on which they would come are evidence that you do not want them. They would be a perplexity to you rather than a help. Any one who makes propositions of this kind would, I fear, cause you more anxiety and trouble than you could afford.... SpM 212.1

If Dr. _____ were connected with the Wahroonga Sanitarium, his influence would be exerted to launch out in such a way that you would not know how you stood financially, until embarrassments came upon you from which you could not relieve yourselves. His education and training are of such a nature that extravagance is as natural to him as is the act of breathing. His tendency is to take matters into his own hands; and I fear you could not prevent him from doing this. There would be many difficulties to surmount as the result of extravagance, which would make of none effect the principles that Christ has given us in His life of self-denial and in his teachings. SpM 212.2

Let us not have connected with the institution any one who would be a burden to your soul. Wait on the Lord. Not until you have sure evidence that Dr. _____ is converted will the time come for you to make terms with him. SpM 212.3

As regards the flesh-meat question, I know that if such men as Dr. _____ should connect with the institution, you could not deal with this question without great worry and perplexity. SpM 212.4

I have been instructed that there was a time when the Lord looked with great tenderness upon Dr. _____: but your brother desired to carry out his own plans, and this made it difficult for him to work in harmony with the Lord's way. I think that if he were sanctified and humble before God, he has qualifications that would make him a blessing. When he is converted, when he is willing to learn of Jesus and to take counsel with God, he will be able to strengthen his brethren, and to connect with the great enterprise which we have undertaken, without bringing deterioration into it. SpM 212.5

My brother and sister, you are to labor in a judicious manner, that those with whom you are brought in contact in the sanitarium will recognize that a sanctified spiritual atmosphere surrounds your soul. This can be, and should be. It is truth that is needed - truth that can not be bound. The greatest necessity of your patrons is a heart willing to receive the truth. Some will decide to come to the Sanitarium as the prodigal son determined to return to his father. These souls can be judiciously labored for and saved. Truth, brought into the life-experience, is a saving power. SpM 212.6

If connected with the institution there were some one whose principles and words did not have a saving influence, he would testify against the sanctifying power of the truth. If a work were done by the holy Spirit in the heart of such an one, he would rise to a higher, holier standard, where he could have a transforming influence upon the unbelieving patrons. SpM 213.1

Until Dr. _____ is converted, he would, if connected with your medical institution, undo the very work that the Lord desires to have done. In the Sanitarium there must be a judicious ministration of the Word. Dr. _____'s influence would counteract this religious influence. God forbids this. I should be so glad if Dr. _____'s heart, mind, and character, could, by his own consent, be brought into pleasing captivity to the will of Christ Jesus.... SpM 213.2

Please read and study the third chapter of Colossians. It states plainly what we must do in order to leave on the minds of unbelievers an impression favorable to the truth. SpM 213.3

A few words more in regard to what you ought to do toward securing physicians and other helpers for the new Sanitarium. Go to the Lord and to His written word. Do not connect with any one who will prove to be a hindrance in spiritual things. I have earnestly longed and prayed that Dr. _____ would be enlightened by the Holy Spirit, that he may see wherein he is not a laborer together with God. SpM 213.4

I had hoped that Brother and Sister _____ would have seen before this time that they are not obeying the Word of the Lord. It has been presented to me that were they to connect with the Sanitarium as they now are, their influence would not leave a right impression on the minds of those with whom they would be brought in contact. Their ideas regarding Christian deportment are not correct. They would not honor the Lord. They both need to be united with Christ. Until this union is formed, they could not be other than a great burden if brought into the Sanitarium. It will never do for them to be placed in connection with other workers unless they see and understand what it means to be chosen of God. SpM 213.5

I write you this because I dare not withhold it. I believe that you will understand me. I love these souls, but I know that until they are prepared properly to represent health reform, to set a right example, they should not be connected with the Sanitarium; for they would be a drawback to the success of its work. When they are prepared to meet the requirements of God, you will know it. They need a re-conversion. SpM 213.6

We are living in a solemn and important time. The effort to build the sanitarium has been a tremendous one, and we can not afford to bring into connection with it those who would prove a hindrance to its work and an injury to its reputation. SpM 214.1

In regard to flesh-meat, do not bring it into the Sanitarium. Neither tea nor coffee should be served. Caramel-cereal, made as nicely as possible, should be served in the place of these health-destroying beverages. In regard to the third meal, do not make eating but two meals compulsory. Some do best healthwise when eating three light meals, and when they are restricted to two, they feel the change severely. SpM 214.2