The Paulson Collection of Ellen G. White Letters



Dear Brother Kress,

In the past you have practised health reform too rigorously for your own good. Once, when you were very sick, the Lord gave me a message to save your life. You have been too strenuous in restricting your diet to certain articles of food. While I was praying for you, words were given me for you to set you in the right path. The message was sent that you were to allow yourself a more generous diet. The use of flesh meat was not advised. Directions were given as to the food to be taken. You followed directions given, rallied, and are still with us. PC 7.6

I often think of the instruction then given you. I have been given so many precious messages to bear to the sick and the afflicted. For this I am grateful, and I praise the Lord. PC 7.7


Ellen G. White

Work in the Cities

I have been pleading with the Lord to roll the burden on the watchmen. Presidents of Conferences and church elders must work. Two and two laborers are to be sent forth into the unworked cities. No man is to be authorized to carry the work alone. PC 8.1

I am charged to repeat the warnings given in the past,—that it is not by making a great display that the work in New York and other places is to be carried forward. In the past mistakes have been made in the work in New York, mistakes which placed an erroneous stamp on the work, and left a wrong impression on the minds of those who witnessed the wonderful performance. Much time has thus been lost, and many false impressions made, regarding our work and the truth we believe. - PC 8.2