The Paulson Collection of Ellen G. White Letters



Talk by Mrs. E. G. White before the General Conference Committee, June 11, 1909:

When Brother Burden was leaving for Southern California at the close of this conference, he inquired of me, “What shall we plan to do for Loma Linda?” “Go straight ahead,” I replied; “let the truth shine forth in every possible way. Continue to work with all your zeal in the territory surrounding your sanitarium. Help your students to learn how to labor, and keep sending them out into Redlands, and Riverside, and San Bernardino, and the smaller towns and villages round about. Introduce our publications, and do thorough work. Let your light shine as a lamp that burneth. Encourage the students to greater activity in missionary labor while taking their course of study.” PC 269.1

Our brethren at Loma Linda are in need of funds with which to carry on their work. But notwithstanding their present necessity, I have encouraged them not to falter, but to go forward in the name of the Lord. And now I appeal to my brethren in Washington not to allow them to suffer. While we are planning to support the educational work in such places as Washington, we must not forget the important work that must be done at Loma Linda, and in other centers of training. - PC 269.2