Lt 156, 1895

Lt 156, 1895

White, W. C.

Avondale, Cooranbong, Australia

August 28, 1895

Previously unpublished.

Dear Son Willie:

Your communications were received and read. I think Caldwell will be glad to change his labor, to write for you and to help move, but you did not explain things. Your purpose was to come here in little better than a week with Brother Prescott and family. Have you changed your plans? Are you not coming up here right away? You speak of Brother Prescott going to Queensland. Why does his family go with him? 10LtMs, Lt 156, 1895, par. 1

I am sorry to say May Israel cannot work the typewriter. It is a strain upon her nerves. She says she could do the bookkeeping, she thinks, well enough, but the typewriting makes her so nervous she wants to cry, and you know what this means. What had she better do? Come to Granville? When shall Caldwell leave here? Are you in need of him? Fannie is no use to me without I have a typist. Fannie cannot do much. I think my prospect is very slim. I have not workers. Do you not think it best for me to send for Sara McEnterfer? She can give me treatment and write on typewriter. I think I am getting whittled down in my old age to a fine point. May Israel says she can do such work as she was doing before she came here and not be injured. What shall we do? How soon shall Caldwell come? 10LtMs, Lt 156, 1895, par. 2

I am feeling able now to write quite a little. I think Caldwell should be with you and help you. Of course it is not pleasant for me to keep changing and have persons I know nothing about. I can try McKee [?] and see how he will manage. Caldwell went to the station and brought up very heavy boxes, a grindstone I saw. I think my platform wagon will soon be finished up, used as a lumber cart, and it is all I have to ride in. I feel sorry. If I had known everything about it, I would not have had this load brought up. 10LtMs, Lt 156, 1895, par. 3

In reference to the meetings to be held, I would come to Granville, of course, if I am needed. If not, will remain here. It is cooler this morning. I scarcely know what to say in regard to matters and things. The foundation is nearly laid, then the framing will go up. Brother Shannon asked me who would build the chimneys. I do not know as anyone here among the workers can do this. What had we better do? When is Rousseau coming back? I want someone to counsel with. May Israel says she supposes I would not want her to merely keep the books. Had she best wait here until you return? You say not a word in regard to your coming, so I cannot determine what your movements will be in the future. 10LtMs, Lt 156, 1895, par. 4

We have, I just learned, a lot of raspberries to set out and Caldwell says where shall they be put? 10LtMs, Lt 156, 1895, par. 5

Ella is feeling much better. 10LtMs, Lt 156, 1895, par. 6

Caldwell has just come in with a list of what has come: one box glass, one box chairs, one grindstone and fittings, one bag of groceries. 10LtMs, Lt 156, 1895, par. 7


Caldwell thinks Alex Steward the best man for me to depend on. 10LtMs, Lt 156, 1895, par. 8