The Home Missionary



February 1, 1897

Extract from a late communication from Mrs. E. G. White


We have no time to lose. The end is near. The passage from places to spread the truth will soon be hedged with dangers on the right hand and on the left. Everything will be placed to obstruct our way so we shall not be able to do that which is possible to be done now. We must look our work fairly in the face, and advance as fast as possible in aggressive warfare. I know from the light given me of God that the powers of darkness are working with intense energy from beneath, and with stealthy tread he (Satan) is advancing to take those who are asleep now, as a thief taking his prey. We have warnings now which we may give, a work now which we may do; but soon it will be more difficult than we can imagine. God help us to keep in the channel of light, to work with our eyes fastened on Jesus our Leader, and patiently, perseveringly press on to gain the victory! HM February 1, 1897, par. 1