Lake Union Herald


November 19, 1908

An Appeal—To Ministers and Church Officers


Dear Brethren, LUH November 19, 1908, par. 1

As I read the reports of labor published in the Review, and our other denominational periodicals from week to week, my heart is rejoiced over the progress of the Third Angel's Message in the home field and abroad. Our workers are having many remarkable experiences. The Lord is going before them, preparing the way, and the cause of present truth is making rapid advancement. This should be a source of profound gratitude to God. As we contrast the present prosperity of the work with the early years of poverty passed through by the pioneers of this cause, when our numbers were but few and our resources were limited, we can but exclaim, “What hath God wrought!” LUH November 19, 1908, par. 2

And yet there remains much to be done. In the past we have not been as diligent as we ought to have been in seeking to save the lost. Precious opportunities have been allowed to pass by unimproved. This has delayed the coming of our King. Had the people of God constantly preserved a living connection with Him from the beginning of the great advent movement; had they obeyed His word and advanced in all His opening providences, they would today be in the heavenly Canaan. LUH November 19, 1908, par. 3

We have done only a small part of the evangelical work that God desires us to do among our neighbors and friends. In every city of our land there are those who know not the truth. And out in the broad world beyond the seas, there are many new fields in which we must plow the ground and sow the seed. LUH November 19, 1908, par. 4

A few faithful missionaries are even now planting the standard of truth in fields far away. Publications are multiplying in many languages. These silent messengers are enlightening thousands. But as a people we come far short of moving forward as fast as the providence of God opens the way. Our General gives the command, “Go forward.” Thousands are thirsting for living truth. The Macedonian cry is coming to us from every direction, “Come over and help us.” We look about us, and inquire, “Who will go?” O that every follower of Jesus might respond: “Send me. I long to do something for my Master.” LUH November 19, 1908, par. 5

Time and again I have had presented before me a vision of people across the broad ocean, standing in perplexity, and pale with anxiety, earnestly inquiring, “What is truth?” They say: “We want the bread of life. Our churches are backslidden from God. We want to find the old paths. We want to come back to the simplicity of gospel religion.” My tears flow as I see this picture rising vividly before me. The voice from heaven pleads, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” While so great a work remains to be done, shall not we, as Christ's followers, arouse to a sense of our God-given responsibility, and be active in doing our part? LUH November 19, 1908, par. 6

Mrs. E. G. White

[To be continued.]