Lake Union Herald


June 21, 1911

Extracts from Recent Special Testimonies A Readjustment of Plans


For the accomplishment of all that God calls for in warning the cities, His servants must plan for a wise distribution of the working forces. Often the laborers who might be a power for good in public meetings, are engaged in other work that allows them no time for active ministry among the people. For the conduct of affairs at the various centers of our work, those in responsibility must endeavor, as far as possible, to find consecrated men who have been trained in business lines. LUH June 21, 1911, Art. B, par. 1

In order that the work in the cities may be carried on as rapidly as possible, careful attention should be given to the distribution of laborers who are qualified to engage in this line of work. While it is in the order of God that strong institutional centers be maintained in connection with the publishing, educational, and medical work, yet it is not His design that institutional work shall be carried forward in a way that will tie up too many men of special talent, and thus rob the field of the help that these men could render in the proclamation of the message. LUH June 21, 1911, Art. B, par. 2

Earnest Service Demanded

From the light that God has given me, I know that His cause today is in great need of the living representative of Bible truth. The ordained ministers, alone, are not equal to the task. God is calling not only upon the ministers, but also upon physicians, nurses, canvassers, Bible workers, and other consecrated laymen of varied talent, who have a knowledge of present truth, to consider the need of the unwarned cities. There should be one hundred believers actively engaged in personal missionary work, where now there is but one. Time is rapidly passing. There is much work to be done before Satanic opposition shall close up the way. Every agency must be set in operation, that present opportunities may be wisely improved. LUH June 21, 1911, Art. B, par. 3

The Lord is calling upon men and women, who have the light of the truth for this time, to engage in genuine personal missionary work. LUH June 21, 1911, Art. B, par. 4

The Help of Apostolic Times Promised

The labors of the apostles in the early Christian church were characterized by wonderful manifestations of the power of God in the lives of the believers. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, multitudes were brought to a knowledge of the truth as it is in Christ Jesus. The needs of the world today are no less than they were in the days of the apostles. Those who labor for souls in these times of impenitence and unbelief, must yield themselves wholly to God, and work in unison with heavenly intelligences. The power of the Holy Spirit will accompany the labors of those who dedicate their energies and their all unreservedly to the completion of the work that must be done in the last days. LUH June 21, 1911, Art. B, par. 5

Means Will Flow in

Angels from heaven will co-operate with them, and many will be brought to a knowledge of the truth, and will gladly cast in their lot with God's commandment-keeping people. Means will flow into the treasury; strong laborers will be raised up; the unwarned fields of the great regions beyond will be entered; and the work will soon close in triumph LUH June 21, 1911, Art. B, par. 6

Mrs. E. G. White