Gospel Medical Messenger

November 19, 1913

Need of Church Schools


In all our churches, and wherever there is a company of believers, church schools should be established, and in these schools should be teachers with a true missionary spirit, for the children are to be trained to become missionaries. It is essential that the teachers be educated to act their part in instructing children of Sabbath-keepers not only in the sciences, but in the Scriptures. These schools, established in different localities, and conducted by God-fearing men and women, as the case demands, should be built upon the same principles as were the schools of the prophets. GMM November 19, 1913, par. 1

Children are left to come up, instead of being trained up. Parents stand in the place of God to their children, and they will have to render an account whether they have been faithful to the little few committed to their care. Parents, some of you are rearing children to be cut down by the destroying angel, unless you speedily change your course and be faithful to them. God cannot cover iniquity, even in children. He cannot love unruly children, who manifest passion, and he cannot save them in the time of trouble. Will you suffer your children to be lost through your neglect? Unfaithful parents! their blood will be upon you, and is not your salvation doubtful, with the blood of your children upon you? GMM November 19, 1913, par. 2

I say again, establish schools for the children wherever there are churches; where there are those who assemble to worship God let there be schools for the children. Work as if you were working for your life to save children from being drowned in the polluting, corrupting influences of this life. If people would encourage the church in which they are members, and establish small, humble school buildings, in which to do service for God, they would accommodate their own children within their borders. GMM November 19, 1913, par. 3

Mrs. E. G. White