Gospel Medical Messenger

Gospel Medical Messenger


October 15, 1913

Our Duty to Our Children


Christian Schools

The garden of Eden was not only Adam's dwelling, but his school-room. As in that school, so in the school of the earth, two trees are planted—the tree of life, which bears the fruit of true education, and the tree of knowledge, yielding the fruit of “science falsely so-called.” All that have connection with Christ have access to the tree of life, a source of knowledge of which the world is ignorant. After sin entered this world, the heavenly husbandman transplanted the tree of life to the paradise above, but its branches hang over the wall to the lower world. Through the redemption purchased by the blood of the Son of God, man may now partake of its life-giving fruit. The tree of knowledge has its roots in the earth. It is of the earth, earthly. All who have tasted of the heavenly fruit, the bread of life, are to be co-workers with God, pointing others from the tree of knowledge to the tree of life, that they also may partake of its fruit. GMM October 15, 1913, par. 1

Shall the education given in our schools be after God's order, or after the wisdom of this world, which the Lord pronounces foolishness? Shall the hearts of students become estranged from God by eating of the tree of knowledge, which hardens the heart into disobedience, and ministers to vanity and pride? Shall not the education given in our schools be of that character which will give a more decided knowledge of God's Word, and which will bring the soul into a vital connection with God, keeping God before the mind's eye, and arousing every better feeling in the soul? This is the kind of education which is as enduring as eternity. GMM October 15, 1913, par. 2

We cannot consent, at this period of time, to expose our youth to the consequences of learning a mixture of truth with error. The youth who come from school without feeling the importance of making the Word of God the first study, the main study, above every science in educational lines, are not qualified in these days of peril to enter upon the work of the teacher. The question of how to obtain a knowledge of God is to all a life-and-death question. GMM October 15, 1913, par. 3

It is to fortify the youth against the temptations of the enemy that we have established schools where they may be qualified for usefulness in this life and for the service of God. The love of God imparts more than finite energy and qualifications for divine achievements. GMM October 15, 1913, par. 4

Whatever business parents may think suitable for their children, whether they desire them to be manufacturers, agriculturists, mechanics, or to follow some professional calling, they would reap great advantages from the discipline of an education. Your children should have an opportunity to study the Bible in the school. GMM October 15, 1913, par. 5

Shall members of the church give means to advance the cause of Christ among others, and then let their own children carry on the work and service of Satan? GMM October 15, 1913, par. 6

There are places where our schools should have been in operation years ago. Let these now be started, under wise directors, that the children and youth may be educated in their own churches. GMM October 15, 1913, par. 7

Mrs. E. G. White