Lt 63, 1891

Lt 63, 1891

White, W. C.

Greenville, Michigan

April 22, 1891

Previously unpublished.

Willie: 7LtMs, Lt 63, 1891, par. 1

This letter has been just received. You see how it is. The lot is secured, the deed made, and they are in a big hurry for us to be on the ground, but Grand Rapids must not be disappointed. 7LtMs, Lt 63, 1891, par. 2

Brother Fargo goes up to Petoskey at once. I cannot feel just right about Willie going with the horse. I fear you will be delayed and it will worry you. If so, get someone to go in your place and I will pay his fare back, and you come with the party as soon as possible. 7LtMs, Lt 63, 1891, par. 3

I know not just when I can leave here. I expect the Methodist or Congregational Church will invite me to speak on temperance under auspices of W.C.T.U. If this does not come off, may go to Grand Rapids tomorrow, and remain over Sabbath. But when you get ready to go, go right along, and I will come as soon as I can. 7LtMs, Lt 63, 1891, par. 4

There has never been so great an interest in Greenville as now, and we dare not rush away. Well, we will do what we think is duty. 7LtMs, Lt 63, 1891, par. 5