Report of Progress


September 15, 1908

To the President of the Florida Conference


Dear Brother, RP September 15, 1908, Art. A, par. 1

I have just read your article in the Review, and also your letter of June 18 to my son, regarding a place which you have found near Orlando where there is land and building that seems to be suitable for a sanitarium. I have no hesitancy in saying that I believe the time has come for Florida to have a sanitarium, so that the light which our sanitariums are established to reflect, may shine forth to the people of Florida, and to the many health-seekers who come from the Northern States. RP September 15, 1908, Art. A, par. 2

Our time is short in which to do the important work of giving the last gospel message to the world. Therefore if there is opportunity to purchase at a moderate price, buildings suitably located and well adapted to the work we wish to do, let us improve the opportunity, and save ourselves the time, the care, and the anxiety that would be required in the work of erecting the buildings ourselves. RP September 15, 1908, Art. A, par. 3

I hope that this property which you have described, and which seems to have been brought within your reach by the providence of God, will become the means of strengthening the work in Florida, and that it will become an important center of influence from which many well-trained medical missionaries shall go forth with the message of mercy to the unworked parts of the Master's great harvest-field. RP September 15, 1908, Art. A, par. 4

Not long ago I wrote a letter to our people in Indiana regarding their effort to establish a sanitarium in Lafayette. I will send a copy to you, because I desire our people in Florida to have the same encouragement and counsel. RP September 15, 1908, Art. A, par. 5

Mrs. E. G. White