Lt 47, 1884


Lt 47, 1884


Los Angeles, California

May 15, 1884

Portions of this letter are published in 3Bio 246.

Dear Children:

I am feeling some better than I did. I had an appointment last evening, but it had been rather a disagreeable day and my lungs were congested, and in my feebleness I dared not venture to talk. It was lowery and rainy, and my brethren favored me. Brother Waggoner preached and they had a good meeting. Lt47-1884.1

Came down to the early morning meeting. I spoke about fifteen minutes, and it was the best social meeting we have had. Brother Cody came only last Monday intending to go back today, but we are urging him to stay. Brother Yoakman came Monday from Lemore but had the ague and went back Tuesday. No one has come from San Diego. The attendance of brethren is small; outside attendance [is] the very best. Lt47-1884.2

Sister McOmber bathes me in bed and rubs me every morning and night. I am still weak indeed, but am able to attend one meeting daily and some days two. Sister McOmber is faithful as the day is long, tender, attentive, and at times, as she sees my feebleness, appears in agony because she cannot do more. Lt47-1884.3

This meeting is doing the church great good. They are learning more than they ever knew before. Lt47-1884.4

Will you write to Dr. Smith and talk with Sister Sawyer? I believe he will be the one to come to the Health Institute, if you can get him. All are doing, I believe, their level best to make this meeting a success. Lt47-1884.5