The Youth’s Instructor


May 1, 1856

The Lord is Good


Dear Children,

For some months past I have been afflicted with oppressed lungs. In addition to this, a few weeks since I had an attack of brain fever. I gave up my husband and children. I knew I must die unless God in mercy should rebuke the disease. The prayer of faith was offered, and immediate relief given. The fever was rebuked, and I was set free, and made triumphant in God. It seemed to me that Jesus was again upon earth, and even in the room with us. I felt his power, and his sweet blessing settled upon me like the dew. YI May 1, 1856, par. 1

The oppression of lungs still troubled me. We asked Jesus to remove the difficulty. We presented the case to Jesus, who went about doing good upon earth, and healing all manner of sickness. He has gone to his Father, but yet pleads for us, and we can feel his power upon earth. We can come to him by faith, and tell him our wants, and he is ever ready to have compassion. He has done this for me. YI May 1, 1856, par. 2

One night I had pleasant dreams all through the night. I dreamed of exhorting the people, with much freedom. In the morning I awoke free from pain. I was strongly impressed that the angel of the Lord had touched me while I was sleeping, and I was made whole. I have been free since. An entire change has taken place. YI May 1, 1856, par. 3

Children, let us love and obey the Lord that we may ask and receive. If I had not had Jesus to flee to in my trouble and distress, I might now be lying in the cold grave, and my children left motherless. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, for his loving kindness changeth not. YI May 1, 1856, par. 4

E. G. W.