Australasian Signs of the Times


April 6, 1903

First Steps



The first step in the path of obedience is to surrender the will to God. This may seem a difficult thing to do; for Satan will present every possible objection, and will manufacture difficulties, and magnify perplexities before the mind; but take the first step, and the next step on the ladder of progress will be easier. This ladder must be climbed round by round; but God is above the ladder, and His glory will illuminate every step of advancement. The path of faith and self-denial is an upward path; its way is heavenward, and as you advance, the misleading clouds of doubt and evil will be left behind. BEcho April 6, 1903, par. 1


When there has been a departure from the right path it is difficult to return. Barriers have been broken down, safeguards have been removed. One step in the wrong direction prepares the way for another. The least deviation from right principles will lead to separation from God, and may end in destruction. What we do once we more readily do again; and to go forward in a certain path, be it right or wrong, is more easy than to start. To corrupt our ways before God requires no effort; but to engraft habits of righteousness and truth upon our characters takes time and patient endeavour. BEcho April 6, 1903, par. 2