Australasian Signs of the Times


Australasian Signs of the Times


February 16, 1903

The Home-Life

Christian fathers and mothers are to bear the fruits of righteousness in the home-life. A most solemn responsibility rests upon them. The home of every Christian should be a little church, a representation of the heavenly home, from which others may learn what a family can become in this world through obedience to God's word. Heaven is much nearer to the earth than many realize. The angels of God are ascending and descending the ladder of shining brightness that Jacob saw. God is above this ladder, and His glory, flushing the threshold of heaven, is shining upon every round. BEcho February 16, 1903, par. 1

God desires parents to bear much fruit by training and disciplining their children aright. Such work requires tact and skill; for different minds are differently constituted. In order to be successful in this work, parents should engage in it prayerfully and intelligently, beginning with themselves. BEcho February 16, 1903, par. 2

The husband and the wife are to bear with and respect each other. The husband is the priest of the household. The wife is to lean upon his large affections, and his arm is to strengthen and sustain her in carrying the burdens. Both should learn to use much discretion in the management of human minds. In dealing with their children they should depend upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit. BEcho February 16, 1903, par. 3