Bible Training School


May 1, 1913

The Word of God


The word of God is the standard of character. That word does not repress activity. It opens before the conscientious soul, who is striving to honor his Saviour, channels for activity. The word does not leave men in uncertainty or without an object. It gives the highest object, which is worthy the co-operation of the Holy Spirit. The work of imparting the knowledge of truth, present truth for this time, is the all-important work. All heaven is engaged in it. The truth for this time is not to be lost sight of under an accumulation of interests that are of secondary importance. These are not to be allowed to engross the mind while important issues are not advanced. The word of God places a lamp in the hand, which lights the path heavenward. It allows of no diversion from the straight and narrow path in which God requires His people to walk. BTS May 1, 1913, par. 1

The word of God tells of unsearchable riches, treasure that is beyond our estimate, to be secured by every soul who will be guided by the Word rather than by human sophistries and principles which eventually divorce the soul from God. There is no safety in departing from one principle which the Word reveals. The soul is to be pervaded by a continual, abiding sense of every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God. It is the life of the soul to be sanctified through the truth, and to maintain the authority of the truth. Understanding and heart are to be sanctified by the strictest obedience to the word, and the action and conscience by connection with the pure and sacred springs from which they derive their inspiration. BTS May 1, 1913, par. 2

In this age of the world there is no safety in departing from a plain “Thus saith the Lord,” however wise and correct the human assumption may appear. Tradition in names and books is nothing. God's word is everything. The wisdom of the wisest man that lives is foolishness if it swerves one jot or tittle from the word of the living God. God lives, God reigns, and He declares, “Them that honor me I will honor.” Of those who place their sophistry above a plain “Thus saith the Lord,” God says, “I will make their wisdom foolishness.” BTS May 1, 1913, par. 3

In this period of time there is no safety for the soul who has not a penetration deeper than casual sight. We are called now to reach the highest standard of integrity. It is positively necessary for all who would walk in the straight and narrow path, cast up for the ransomed of the Lord, to take heed, lest their feet be diverted from the path that leads to success and victory and triumph in the third angel's message. Those who would command the very best resources must walk humbly with God, their hand clasped in the hand of Christ. He who would reach the highest standard of perfection in Christian character must penetrate deeper than habit. He must be afraid lest his natural traits of character, his habits of opinion and authority shall mislead him. BTS May 1, 1913, par. 4

The only safety for the human agent who is striving for an immortal crown is to live in hourly contact, in conscious, loving communion with the highest principles God has set forth in His word. Truth and righteousness must be inscribed upon every action done for our fellowmen. Mercy must constantly flow forth from the soul, revealing an abiding Christ. Sanctified judgment and purified reasoning will give strength and solidity and spiritual power. Then every cause that asks for our sympathy and co-operation will receive careful consideration. There will be no spasmodic movements made. BTS May 1, 1913, par. 5