Bible Training School


November 1, 1903

Words of Courage


The apostle Paul, who had received many revelations from the Lord, met difficulties from various sources, and amidst all his conflicts and discouragements, he did not lose his confidence and trust in God. Under the special tuition of the Holy Spirit, his judgment was purified, refined, elevated, sanctified. The devising of human beings and of the enemy against him, were to him a means of discipline and education, and he declares that thus he gained most excellent knowledge, because he made the Lord Jesus his dependence. “Yea,” doubtless he declares, “I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus, my Lord.” How greatly this gospel enriches the garden of the soul, enabling it to produce most precious fruit! BTS November 1, 1903, par. 1

The Lord Jesus has an interest in every phase of His work. The Lord will make all things work together for good, even though for the present, His servants are inconvenienced, and greatly disappointed, by being hemmed in on every side. The Lord has a work to be done in this world, and it will be done, even though all the hosts of the powers of darkness shall be summoned to obstruct the way. In His own good time God will cause his truth to triumph. BTS November 1, 1903, par. 2

We must be wide awake, quick to recognize the movings of the providence of God. We must keep our own counsel that we have entrusted to us by the Lord, not giving the enemy any advantage. The Lord is looking on; the Lord is opening ways, whereby the truth shall gain the ascendency; for the truth is the habitation of His throne. BTS November 1, 1903, par. 3

Jesus feels every pang of sorrow felt by those who are consecrated to His service, and who, under great difficulties are doing His work. Let us dwell upon the love of Jesus, that we may have courage and faith. The Lord lives and reigns. There will be unwise advisers who will try to confuse us, but let us look to Jesus, and trust in Him at all times. He has been our helper and will continue to be our helper. Be of good courage in the Lord. BTS November 1, 1903, par. 4

I say again, be of good courage, and watch unto prayer. Let us do our part to answer our prayers by living in harmony with them. We know something of what is before us. We know that trials await us. But those who are true and steadfast will have a strong and powerful defense in God. My trust is unwavering. I am not discouraged, because I can hold to the hand of Christ. Let us be always cheerful, that others may not catch from us the spirit of discouragement. Sing praises to the Lord; sing praises to His holy name. BTS November 1, 1903, par. 5