Manuscript Release No 1033


South Lancaster, Tuesday, October 28, 1890

[On this date Ellen White wrote two two-page letters concerning her Healdsburg property that she wanted to sell. These were to Brother Dunlap (Letter 3a, 1890) and Brother Hutchings (Letter 13a, 1890).]

I have had more sleep than I feared I should get when I lay down. My ear was poulticed, yet I see no special change for the better. Brother Emery Farnsworth brought his horse and phaeton and took Sara and me to Clinton and I visited a dentist to see if my teeth created any of this difficulty. He examined my teeth and said that they did not need any repairing. I am asking the Lord to help me, to remove the pain, and strengthen me to do the work before me. I know I have a message for the people. MR1033 15.5

I had a long talk with Stephen Belden. [Ellen White's former brother-in-law. Stephen Belden was married to Ellen White's sister Sarah until her death in 1868.] He is humble and seems to be in a good state spiritually. He is passing through sore trials now. I am sorry for him and tried to comfort him and encourage him to trust in the Lord. I had a talk with Brother Robinson. Profitable, I trust. MR1033 16.1

Brother Edwards came in to visit me. I had a long talk with him which I hope will relieve his mind. Sister Palmer came in and I talked with her a short time. I find enough to do to occupy every moment with earnest work.—Manuscript 42, 1890, 32-33 (Diary 16, p. 275). MR1033 16.2