Manuscript Release No 1033


15. Cooranbong, Australia, May 16, 1898

I have not been able to sleep tonight, for vivid scenes have come up before me, in figures and symbols. I have been shown the condition of the people of God who have trusted in man and made flesh their arm. The state of the Michigan Conference is pitiable, but it is not beyond remedy, if the people will turn to the Lord with all the heart. MR1033 67.3

The present existing state of things was made to pass before me while I was at Salamanca, and I then gave testimony before those assembled in the tabernacle. I did not speak my own words, but the words of the Lord. The power of God was upon me. Cautions, warnings, and reproof have been given to the men in responsible positions. If without delay these men had sought the Lord, He would have been found of them. Some did receive the message then, and since that time they have placed themselves under the banner of the great Leader. But those who did not walk in the light, who did not seek to do the Lord's will according to His appointment, have brought disaster upon the cause and reproach upon the people to whom God has entrusted most solemn truth, which He would have them proclaim without faltering.—Letter 41, 1898, pp. 1-2 (To A. R. Henry, who was a financial officer and advisor to several S.D.A. institutions in Battle Creek). MR1033 67.4