Manuscript Release No 1033


12. Healdsburg, California (?), October, 1891 (?) Letter to Dr. W. P. Burke at the St. Helena Health Retreat

While at Salamanca, New York, in November, 1890, I had a very remarkable experience. I had been greatly afflicted and discouraged in consequence of physical suffering. The pain in my head and ears was almost unbearable, yet I filled my appointments. The last time I spoke, because of gatherings in my head I told my son I must return home at once, although important meetings were before me in Brooklyn, New York, and Washington, D.C. I could scarcely hear my own voice and was so weak I staggered as I walked. I went to my chamber and knelt to pray when the whole room was lighted up with the presence of Jesus. I was lifted above all discouragement and was made all light in the Lord and praised Him aloud. This night many things were opened before me in regard to our institutions. The condition of conferences and churches was shown me and I immediately [Ellen White may be referring to her November 25 entry (see the entry under this date, above), which is transcribed from pp. 335-342 of her diary.] wrote out many things in my diary. MR1033 65.3

When I returned to Battle Creek there was the Ministerial Institute and the Conference wherein I labored exceedingly hard. Then went to Petoskey to rest, but the college institute was nine miles from Petoskey, at Harbor Springs. Here I labored for five weeks, then returned to Battle Creek and attended the Michigan Conference, and then left [Ellen White left Battle Creek on September 9, 1891. Ten years elapsed before she saw that city again.] for Colorado and California. MR1033 65.4

I had written some things to you while in Battle Creek, but could not find the matter in my tarry in Petoskey.—Letter 48, 1891, pp. 1-2. MR1033 65.5