Manuscript Release No 1033


Manuscript Release No 1033: The Salamanca Vision and the 1890 Diary

2—The Travels, Labors, and Letters of Ellen G. White from October 8 to December 30, 1890

Syracuse, New York, Thursday, October 9, 1890

At Niagara bridge we stepped out of the sleeper and took our seats in the day coach. Soon every available seat was occupied. We reached Syracuse about noon. Here Sister Burdick found us and invited us to go to her house for refreshments. It was raining. Her husband had a covered carriage but could take only one in it. We thought best to step into the day coach, although it would not be in motion for one hour and a half. We had a visit with Brother Burdick in the cars. He seemed to be very anxious that we should visit Syracuse and labor for the church. Syracuse is a large city and the workers in it are very few.—Manuscript 41, 1890, 1 (Diary 16, p. 169). MR1033 5.1