The Bible Echo



February 10, 1896

Home Training


Parents should train their children to habits of industry and self-denial. If indolence, selfishness, and pride are fostered, children will neglect both their duty to their parents and the requirements of God. They should be taught that their time is not their own; that it is lent them of God, and that for the use they make of it, they will be required to give an account to Him. Many spend hours in reading tales which do not strengthen the mind or improve the morals. This precious time should be devoted to some good purpose. It might be spent in helping their parents; and while cheerfully bearing their share of life's burdens, they would be educating themselves for usefulness and duty. BEcho February 10, 1896, par. 1

Children should be disciplined to good works. Many of them would deny themselves indulgences, if a motive for so doing were placed before them. The money that they would be inclined to spend on selfish gratification, on things not essential to comfort or happiness, might be saved for some good or benevolent purpose. Children who have sound health; who have been trained in habits of industry, economy, and benevolence; and who have well-balanced minds, capable of mental and moral improvement, receive from their parents a legacy of price-less worth. Barriers and safeguards are thrown around them which will not be galling chains of restraint, but helps to a well-ordered life and a love of sacred things. BEcho February 10, 1896, par. 2