A Place Called Oakwood


27—The Work in and About Nashville

Date: July 25, 1905
Location: St. Helena, California
Source: Manuscript 146, 1905; Manuscript 146a, 1905
Status: Portions published

The Huntsville School greatly needs better facilities for its work. The preparation of the buildings does not correspond with the work that the Lord has outlined to be done by this school. An orphanage for the care of colored children is needed there, and humble, but neat, cottages should be put up to accommodate those who desire to bring their children to the church school. Improvements should be made on the school buildings, and in this there should be no delay. PCO 128.1

These places that I have mentioned must have their quota of means, else they cannot do the [work of the] Lord that they should do. I plead for Huntsville. An orphanage and a small sanitarium are greatly needed there, and the school should be made all that the Lord has declared it should be-a training school for the education of colored workers. PCO 128.2