Sermons and Talks, vol. 2


Sermons and Talks Volume Two


The inspired ministry of Ellen G. White is indissolubly linked with the rise and growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Through her writing and public speaking, this spirit-filled messenger of God rallied the dispirited believers after the Great Disappointment of 1844, gave them new hope, focused their attention on “present truth” In the bible, and called them to carry the three angels’ messages to the entire world. Her prophetic gift, coupled with her unwavering confidence in the Bible as the infallible test of both truth and experience, provided the bedrock foundation for a movement so small when it began that only God's special providence could have made it what it is today—a world-wide church of millions, with workers in all corners of the globe proclaiming the good news that Jesus is coming soon. 2SAT 1.1

Writing was an essential element of Ellen White's ministry. Beginning as a teen-ager, this remarkable woman wrote out the messages that God laid on her heart and showed to her in vision. As the years progressed, her writings provided counsel on almost every phase of personal life and church development. God revealed to her the needs both of people individually and of the church corporately, and she did not hesitate to communicate heaven's advice and solutions. Only a person who believed totally in her divine call would have used her time and strength so unstintingly in the painstaking task of writing out by hand the inspired messages. Often these messages arrived at exactly the right time to keep the church from being drawn off course. 2SAT 1.2

But writing was only one phase of Ellen White's prophetic ministry. Without any formal training in public speaking, Mrs. White became one of the most effective and dynamic speakers of her time. When word was circulated that she would be the speaker at either church or secular events, crowds would gather from far and near. Using her voice perfectly, she would make herself heard even by listeners standing farthest from the platform. To general audiences she often spoke on the subject of temperance, but always her messages carried overtones of “Christ our righteousness.” She loved to talk about Jesus and His matchless charms. 2SAT 1.3

Four years ago we published Volume 1 of Sermons and Talks. the response was so enthusiastic that we herewith offer volume 2. Like the messages in Volume 1, the sermons and talks in this volume are mostly from the latter half of Ellen White's ministry. This may be attributed to the fact that her messages were more faithfully reported in that period than during the early years. These messages were stenographically reported, hence by reading this book a person receives the true “feel” of Mrs. White as a speaker. 2SAT 1.4

We trust that a deepening of spiritual insight and a closer fellowship with the Lord will reward all who read the messages in this book. Additional volumes of Sermons and Talks will be produced as demand requires and time permits. 2SAT 1.5

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