Loma Linda Messages


To Our Brethren and Sisters in Southern California

Los Angeles, Cal.

Dec. 12, 1904.

I am instructed to bear a message to you. You have a great work to do in soul-saving, but you cannot accomplish this work by following man-made plans and human devisings. LLM 79.1

Special light has been given me regarding the character and magnitude of the work to be done in Los Angeles. Several times messages have been given regarding the duty that rest (rests) upon us of proclaiming the third angel's message with power in that city. LLM 79.2

And now, as we see that the Lord has blessed the labor of Brother Simpson and his faithful helpers, and that large additions have been made to the Los Angeles church, it is our duty to be wide-awake to the privileges and opportunity of the hour. Wherever such an interest is awakened as that which is now manifested in Los Angeles, men of the best ability should be called in to help with the work. They should enter heartily into the work of visiting and holding Bible-readings with those newly come to the faith, and with those interested, laboring to establish them in the faith. The new believers are to be carefully instructed, that they may have an intelligent knowledge of the various lines of work committed to the church of Christ. One or two men should not be left alone with the burden of such a work. LLM 79.3

For a long time our people in Southern California have had messages from the Lord that there should be sanitariums near Los Angeles. For want of means the work has been delayed. But not long ago a building at Glendale, eight miles from Los Angeles was purchased, and is now being fitted up for the work. I have visited the building and can say that it is beautifully situated and is well adapted for sanitarium work. LLM 79.4

Ample treatment rooms are being added to the building, which will soon be fully equipped. Between twenty and thirty rooms are being furnished, and as soon as money is provided for its purchase, a much-needed heating plant will quickly be installed. LLM 79.5

We hope that our people in Southern California will come quickly and heartily to the support of this sanitarium, so providently placed in our hands, and that it may begin without delay to do its work. LLM 79.6

The Lord has not been honored or glorified by the past showing of the sanitarium work in Southern California. This work has been greatly hindered because men have relied upon human devising, instead of following the Lord's leading. Dependence has been placed upon human wisdom, and failure has been the result. But we now see a united force of workers anxious to push the enterprise forward along right lines, and we are confident that if they will follow the Lord's instruction and rely upon His guidance, He will cooperate with them. LLM 79.7

Elder J. A. Burden has been chosen as business manager of the institution, and Sister Burden is to be bookkeeper. Brother Burden has had a long experience in the St. Helena Sanitarium. He also spent about three years in Australia, acting an important part in the building of the Sydney Sanitarium. His self-denying efforts and unselfish labors in connection with this institution were greatly appreciated. LLM 80.1

Sister Burden is an intelligent and successful bookkeeper. Gladly would we have had her take the place of matron, but we feel that she is in the path of duty in taking charge of the accounts; for this is a most important line of work. LLM 80.2

We are very much encouraged as we see these self-denying laborers taking hold of the work at the Glendale Sanitarium. They have had a wide experience in sanitarium work, and they understand how sanitariums should be conducted in order to be successful. LLM 80.3

Dr. Leadsworth is endeavoring to dispose of his treatment rooms in Riverside, that he may act a leading part in the medical staff of the Glendale Sanitarium. Dr. Abbey-Winegar-Simpson is to be the lady physician, and will stand at the head of the training school for nurses. She is fully capable of filling this position. Dr. Abbott, also, will assist in the medical work of the institution. LLM 80.4

Bro. W. R. Simpson has been chosen to act as purchasing agent. In this work he will be brought into contact with many business men, and will have opportunity to reveal the high, ennobling principles of truth. He can speak words in season to some who will appreciate the light thus given them. He is constantly to be watching for souls as one who must give an account. LLM 80.5

These workers, each doing a special line of work, are to harmonize and counsel together, seeking wisdom from Him who never makes a mistake. Each has an important place to fill. We feel that the approval of God will rest upon this company of workers. They are to seek help one (seek to help one) another as each takes up his important line of work. LLM 80.6

One night we seemed to be in a council meeting, and the question being considered was, How can the sanitarium work in Southern California be best advanced? One present proposed one thing and still another proposed something entirely opposite. LLM 80.7

One of dignity and authority arose and said, “I have words of counsel for you. Never, never repeat the mistakes of the past. Men have placed too much confidence in themselves, and have allowed cultivated and hereditary tendencies to wrong, which ought to have been overcome, to control and to bear away the victory. Various lines of work are to be earnestly carried forward, for the enlightenment of those who are in spiritual darkness. Evangelical work must receive first attention, and is to be intelligently carried forward, in all lines of your medical work. LLM 80.8

“You have,” said our Instructor, “come to an important place in the history of your work. Who shall be chosen to carry responsibilities in the sanitarium at the beginning of its work? No mistake must be made in this matter. Men are not to be placed in positions of trust who have not been tested and tried. Men and women who understand the will of the Lord are to be chosen,—men who can discern the work that needs to be done, and prayerfully do it, that the mistakes and errors of the past need not be repeated.” LLM 81.1

“The one who is placed in the position of business manager,” he said, “must daily be managed by the Lord. He occupies a very important place and he must possess the necessary qualifications for the work. He should have dignity and knowledge, blended with a clear sense of how to use his authority. Christ must be revealed in his life. He must be a man who can give religious instruction and exert a spiritual influence. He must know how to deal with minds, and he must allow his own mind to be controlled by the Spirit. Wisdom is to come forth from his lips in words of encouragement to all with whom he is connected. He must know how to discern and correct mistakes. He must be a man who will harmonize with his fellow-workers, a man who possesses adaptability. He should be able to speak of the different points of our faith, as occasion requires. His words and acts should reveal justice, judgment, and the love of God. He who gave the Israelites instruction from the pillar of cloud, and led them through the wilderness into the promised land, is our leader today. We are under divine guidance, and if we are obedient to God's commands, we shall be in perfect safety, and will receive distinguished marks of His favor. LLM 81.2

The Israelites were often suggesting their own plans. Often they refused to follow God's plans, and this always led to failure and defeat. Christ led them through the wilderness that they might be separated from all that would tend to interfere with His purposes for them. During their journey, He gave them instruction through Moses. These truths are to be gathered up and cherished by His people today, and are to be sacredly obeyed. LLM 81.3

No imagination can present the rich blessings that come to those who learn diligently of God. These blessings are secured through the most diligent efforts to advance the work in every way possible. LLM 81.4

The throne of God is arched by the bow of promise. Every Christian worker should keep ever before him the remembrance of this emblem. A covenant-keeping God holds the reins of guidance. He is to bear rule in every home, in every church, in every school, in every printing office, in every sanitarium. LLM 82.1

Our medical missionary work is to be to the third angel's message as the right hand to the body. Our sanitariums are one great means of doing medical missionary work. They are to reach the people where they are. The workers in our sanitariums are to be sympathetic, kind, and straightforward in their dealings with one another and with the patients. Their words and acts are to be noble and upright. They are ever to receive from Christ light and grace to impart to those in darkness. By their efforts the sick, the sinful, the prodigals, who have left the Father's house, are to be encouraged to return. God's words to these workers is, “Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end.” “Fear not, neither be discouraged; for I am thy God.” LLM 82.2

We are now called upon to show an unselfish interest in establishing sanitarium work in Los Angeles, and in San Diego. Sanitariums and treatment rooms are greatly needed in these places. A work is to be done that will open the Bible to the sick and suffering, and point them to the great Medical Missionary. LLM 82.3

My brethren and sisters, I ask you to remember that money is needed to advance the work at the Glendale Sanitarium. Do you wish to act a part in the important work that the Lord has given us to do in that Institution? Will you now do your best to help us to secure the necessary facilities for the advancement of its work? Intelligent, self-denying, self-sacrificing effort is now needed, effort put forth by those who realize the solemnity and importance of the Lord's work. The medical missionary work given us to do means much to every one of us. It is a work of soul-saving. Christian philanthropists should step forward just now to fulfill the commission of Christ. LLM 82.4

Let our brethren send in their gifts with thanksgiving and with prayer, that they may be multiplied and blessed by the Lord, as was the food given to the disciples to give to the five thousand. If we make the best use we can of the means we have, God will enable us to reach the multitudes that are starving for the bread of life. LLM 82.5


Elmshaven, Sanitarium, Calif.

Feb. 20, ’05. B.-75-05

Dear Brethren Palmer and Ballenger,

We are well pleased with the reports that Brother Ballenger has sent us of the work of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium. What we see being accomplished there is a fulfillment of what I have been instructed we might expect. For this we thank the Lord, and take courage for the future, believing that the Lord will bless and guide. LLM 82.6

The patronage you are receiving, even before you are fully prepared to accommodate patients, has exceeded my expectations. The Lord has been good to us, and we must ever bear in mind that this sanitarium is to be made a means of communicating truth to those who know it not. LLM 83.1

Treatment rooms should be fitted up soon. Let them be, as suggested when we were there, outside the main building. Were they inside the sanitarium, the steam from them would make an unhealthful atmosphere, which would pervade the rooms of the patients. Let us take every precaution to make everything connected with the Paradise Valley Sanitarium, healthful and wholesome. LLM 83.2

We are made sad as we see in many places so much left undone that should be done. But the Lord will use in the accomplishment of His work means that we do not now see. He will raise up from among the common people, men and women to do His work, even as of old He called fishermen to be His disciples. There will soon be an awakening that will surprise many. Those who do not realize the necessity of what is to be done, will be passed by, and the heavenly messengers will work with those who are called the common people, fitting them to carry the truth to many places. Now is the time for us to awake and do what we can. LLM 83.3

I have received a letter from Brother Burrill of Canada, in which he speaks of the Sunday question that is soon to be met there. He says that they especially need Brother Robinson to help them in meeting this issue. He is a native-born Canadian, and can be a great help to them at this time. LLM 83.4

Brother Burrill has written to me because he understood that I had encouraged Brother Robinson to come to San Diego. At first I could remember nothing in regard to the matter, but after I received Brother Ballenger's letter stating that Brother Robinson was expected in San Diego soon to act as business manager of the Sanitarium, I remembered that Brother Robinson was one whose name had been mentioned in some of our councils. I think he was presented as one who was not well, and who needed a change of climate. I asked if he were qualified to act as manager. When it was stated that he seemed to have the qualifications necessary for the place, I think I said, “Then by all means let him come.” But I did not present this as light that had been given me by the Lord. It was merely my personal judgment, formed from your presentation of the case. LLM 83.5

Brother Burrill also stated that Elder W. W. Simpson is a Canadian, and that such men as he are needed in Canada. He seems to think that it is not right that Elder Simpson should be held in Los Angeles. I know nothing in regard to Elder Simpson's case, except that he has been used by the Lord in His work in Los Angeles, and that he has been greatly blessed. Over one hundred have taken their stand for the truth as a result of his labors. At the close of his last series of tent-meetings he thought of changing his field of labor, but he received a petition signed by many of the citizens of Los Angeles asking him to remain and continue his meetings. The Lord has given Brother Simpson a spirit of adaptability with wisdom to plan and carry out his work, and He has blessed him in the bringing out of leaflets, notices, and charts that have aroused the interest of the people. LLM 84.1

I would say, let Brother Simpson labor where his message is evidently accomplishing great good. Those who have come to his meetings have given freely of their means to sustain the work that he has carried forward. At this time, when there is such urgent need of workers in Los Angeles, when the brethren are seeking to establish a sanitarium there, I dare not say to Elder Simpson, you must go back to Canada. And besides, such a move might not be best for his health. For the present let him remain in Los Angeles for the Lord is giving him marked success in bearing the message to the people. Let him give the trumpet a certain sound, arousing those who have never heard the truth. May the Lord encourage him to remain in Los Angeles until the church members are aroused to gird on the armor, and show that they have a burden to give the message. Our ministers are not to hover over the churches. They are to proclaim the truth, as Elder Simpson is doing. Let these who know not the truth be given an opportunity to hear the reasons of our faith. LLM 84.2

I believe that Brother Simpson is presenting the truth as God would have many others present it. Some of the brethren in Los Angeles felt that he should do more in the church there. When this was suggested to me, I thought of the answer that Christ gave when the priests and rulers reproached Him for eating with Publicans and sinners. “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance,” he declared. Let the work now being accomplished for these who have never before heard the truth, lead our ministers and church members in Los Angeles to arouse. Let them take hold, as they see that God is working. Let them make diligent work in repenting of their coldness and indifference and selfishness. As the church is by repentance cleansed from this neglect, and the members are converted, they will heartily engage in laboring from house to house. By teaching those who are seeking for the light of truth, they themselves will receive a valuable education. LLM 84.3

Let no one, by precept or example, seek to draw Elder Simpson from his God-appointed work. Let all take hold with him in an effort to carry the work in clear lines. The members of the Los Angeles church need to heed every message that comes to them bidding them arouse from their stupor. If they will earnestly seek the Lord, He will give them light and life, and the quickening power of the Holy Spirit. LLM 84.4

The message that I have to bear to the church in Los Angeles is, “Awake, and put on the whole armor of God. There is selfishness in the church that must be rooted out. Seek the Lord earnestly. Reveal in your lives the sanctifying power of the truth. Cooperate with the evangelist that the Lord has placed among you. God would have you work as fishers of men. LLM 85.1

Pray much, and practise self-denial, that you may help in establishing the sanitarium at Glendale, which is struggling to make a beginning. Seek to make it an institution after God's order. Some can do more than others, but all can do something. There are those who, if they will deny self, may do much more than they have done, and if all will take hold in earnest the Glendale Sanitarium may be made a praise in the earth. LLM 85.2

In securing of buildings for Sanitarium work in Southern California, we see the gracious leading of God. These buildings have been secured at a very small cost, and the Lord would now have His people build up and strengthen the work. LLM 85.3

The Glendale Sanitarium must be furnished and equipped. There is a great work to be done for that institution. Do not discourage those who are trying to do what they can to carry on the work. Help Brother Burden and those who are placed in charge of the Sanitarium work, that they may do all that needs to be done. LLM 85.4

I make a special appeal to the church in Los Angeles. God expects you, as a church to be purified and refined. Put away all accusing and dissension, lay aside all fault-finding and jealousy, and let every one come up to the help of the Lord. You need to arise and trim your lamps, that they may give a clearer light. All should appreciate what is being done to bring the truth before unbelievers. LLM 85.5

Let the older members be an example to those who have recently come into the truth. I entreat those who have been long in the truth not to hurt the new converts by living irreligious lives. Lay aside all murmuring, and do thorough work in your hearts. Break up the fallow ground of your hearts, and seek to know what you can do to advance the work in Los Angeles. LLM 85.6

Temptations are being brought in by men who have been long in the truth. The truths that we received in 1841, ‘42, ‘43 and ‘44 are now to be studied and proclaimed. The messages of the first, second, and third angels will in the future be proclaimed with a loud voice. LLM 85.7

The members of the Los Angeles church need to have a deep work of grace done in their own hearts. Let every one build over against his own house. The messages given by Elder Simpson, which convert sinners, should be sufficient to arouse you also. Awake, awake, and give to the unconverted evidence that you believe the truth of heavenly origin. Unless you do awake, the world will not believe that you practice the truth that you profess to hold. LLM 86.1

Pray earnestly. Read and study the prayer of Christ, as given in the seventeenth chapter of John, and then seek to live lives that will answer that prayer. Read also the messages given in the third chapter of Revelation. God sent His angel from heaven to give these messages. The message to the Laodicean church belongs to the church in Los Angeles, and to our churches generally. Will they arouse, and do the work that God has given them to do? LLM 86.2

Ellen G. White