Loma Linda Messages


Plans for Medical Missionary Work

Young men who have a practical knowledge of how to treat the sick, are now to be sent out to do gospel medical missionary work, in connection with more experienced gospel workers. If these young men will give themselves to the study of the Word, they will become successful evangelists. The ministers with whom these young men labor are to give them the same opportunity to learn that Elijah gave Elisha. They are to show them how to teach the truth to others. Where it is possible these young men should visit the hospitals, and in some cases they may connect with them for awhile, laboring disinterestedly. The purest example of unselfishness is now to be shown by our medical missionary workers. With the knowledge and experience gained by practical work, they are to go out to give treatment to the sick. As they go from house to house, they will find access to many hearts. Many will be reached who otherwise would never have heard the gospel message. LLM 69.3

Much good can be done by those who do not hold diplomas as fully accredited physicians. Some are to be prepared to work as competent physicians. Many, working under the direction of such ones, can do acceptable work without spending so long a time in study as it has been thought necessary to spend in the past. LLM 69.4

Many will go out to labor for the Master who have not been able to take a regular course of study in school. God will help these workers. They will obtain knowledge from the higher school, and will be fitted to take their position in the rank and file of workers as nurses. The great medical missionary sees every effort that is made to find access to souls by presenting the principles of health reform. LLM 69.5

Decided changes are taking place in our world. The Lord has declared that He will turn and overturn. Humble men, who hitherto have been in obscurity, must now be given opportunity to become workers. LLM 70.1

To those who go out to do medical missionary work, I would say, Serve the Lord Jesus with sanctified understanding, in connection with the ministers of the gospel and the great Teacher. He who has given you your commission will give you skill and understanding as you consecrate yourselves to His service, engaging diligently in labor and study, doing your best to bring relief to the sick and suffering. LLM 70.2

To those who are tired of a life of sinfulness, but who know not where to turn to obtain relief, present the compassionate Saviour, full of love and tenderness, longing to receive those who come to Him with broken hearts and contrite spirits. Take them by the hand, lift them up, speak to them words of hope and courage. Help them to grasp the hand of Him who has said, “Let him take hold of My strength, that he may make peace with Me, and he shall make peace with Me.” LLM 70.3

“Behold,” Christ declares, “I come quickly; and My reward is with Me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” God calls upon us to voice the words, “Even so, come Lord Jesus.” God will do much more for His people if they will have faith in Him. Infidelity is stalking abroad through the land. Satan has laid his plans to undermine our faith in the history and the cause and work of God. I am deeply in earnest as I write this. Satan is working with men in prominent positions to sweep away the foundations of our faith. Shall we allow this to be done, brethren? LLM 70.4

My soul is stirred within me. I shall trust in God with heart and soul. I shall proclaim the messages that He has given me to proclaim. I testify in the Lord that our youth should not be encouraged to go to Battle Creek to be made infidels. God will help us to see what can be done to prevent this. We are now to work earnestly and intelligently to save our youth from being taken captive by the enemy. LLM 70.5


MS. 139 ’03 (Copied Oct. 23 ’03):

Then they will be able to see with anointed eyes how closely the medical missionary work is to be bound up with the proclamation of the message for this time. LLM 70.6

The Lord has presented before me the dangers that are threatening His people who have the sacred work of proclaiming the third angel's message with clearness and distinctness. God's people must beware lest they be ensnared by unsanctified propositions. Our young people must not be placed where they will be misled by wrong sentiments. The truth is not to be blanketed. The message for these last days is to be given in no indistinct utterance. LLM 70.7


MS. 141 ’03 (Copied Aug ’03)

Medical Missionary work is yet in its infancy. The meaning of genuine medical missionary work is known by but few. Why?—Because God's money has been misapplied. Practical evangelistic work is being done (should be: “is not being done”) in many places, but the workers who go (should be: “who should go forth”) forth as did the disciples are collected in one place, as they have been in the past, notwithstanding God's warning that this should not be. LLM 71.1

The men and women who should be in the field as medical missionaries, helping those engaged in the gospel ministry, are collected in Battle Creek, acting over the same program that has been acted over in the past, confining the forces, and binding them up in one place. God has spoken against this by sending His judgments on the institutions in Battle Creek. But every movement on the part of those heeding the warnings, to change the order of things, has been made very hard by the misconception of some regarding the way in which the medical missionary work should be carried forward. LLM 71.2

God has not given us the work of erecting immense sanitariums, to be used as health resorts for all who may come. Neither is it His purpose that medical missionary workers shall spend a long term of years in college before they enter the field. Let the young men and women who know the truth go to work, not in places where the truth has been proclaimed, but in places that have not heard the message, and let them work as canvassers and evangelists. Let the teachers of these youth take them away from the place where God has indicated by His judgments that they should not be... LLM 71.3

Many men and women will come (to the new Sanitarium in Battle Creek) who are not really sick. Workers will be required to wait on them. But this is not the work that God has given His medical missionaries. Our charge has been given us by the greatest Medical Missionary that this world has ever seen. Standing but a step from His Father's throne, Christ said to His disciples,— LLM 71.4

“All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” He did not tell them to establish a seminary in Jerusalem, and to gather together students to be instructed in the higher classics. “Go ye into all the world,” He said, “and preach the gospel to every creature,” “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” LLM 71.5

Do not gather together those to whom God has given this commission, and make them believe that they have to spend years in college in order to obtain a training for the Lord's work. Christ's presence is of more value than years of training. Let our young people come under the yoke of Christ, and by faith go forth as gospel medical missionaries, taking with them the promise, “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” Let them go forth two and two, depending on God, not on man, for their wisdom and their success. Let them search the Scriptures, and then present the truths of God's word to others. Let them be guided by the principles that God has laid down. LLM 72.1

Let our ministers who have gained an experience in preaching the word learn how to give simple treatments, and then go forth as medical missionary evangelists. LLM 72.2

Workers,—gospel medical missionaries—are needed now. We cannot afford to spend years in preparation. Soon doors now open to the truth will be forever closed. Carry the message now. Do not wait, allowing the enemy to take possession of fields now open before you. Let little companies go forth to do the work to which Christ appointed His disciples. Let them labor as evangelists, scattering our publications, talking of the truth to those they meet, praying for the sick, and if need by, treating them, not with drugs, but with nature's remedies. Let the workers remember always that they are dependent on God. Let them not trust in human beings for wisdom, but in the One who declares, “All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth.” Thus we labored in the early history of the message.” LLM 72.3


MS. 97 ’02 (Copied July 8, 1902)

From the light that has been given me, the medical missionary work and the gospel ministry are never to be divorced. They are to be bound together as one work. Christ is the Head of the body—the Church, and we are to work unitedly with Him. Referring to our relation to Him, the apostle says, “We are laborers together with God.” LLM 72.4

In the days of Christ there were no sanitariums in the Holy Land. But wherever He went, He Himself was a sanitarium. The Great Physician carried with Him the healing efficacy that was a cure for every disease, spiritual and physical. This He imparted to those who were under the afflicting power of the enemy, healing their diseases and infirmities.... LLM 72A.1

In doing medical missionary work we shall meet the same opposition that Christ met. He declares: “Ye shall be hated of all men for My name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. When they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another; for verily I say unto you, ‘Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of Man be come.” LLM 72A.2

We are to teach others how to obtain eternal life. And we should ever remember that the efficiency of the medical missionary work is in pointing sin-sick men and women to Jesus. We are to call upon them to “behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.” LLM 72A.3

The life of Christ and His ministry to the afflicted are inseparably connected. And today He is the same compassionate Physician. We should let all the afflicted understand that in Him there is healing balm for every disease, restoring power for every infirmity. LLM 72A.4

The world has departed far from true principles of restoration and health. Perverted appetite and base passion have taken control of the minds of many. Too often inclination to be irritable is strengthened by cultivation. Ill temper, cherished, destroys the delicate, pure, holy perceptions of the soul. Satan desires to cause us to be worried and harassed over mere trifles, so that we shall lose sight of the weighty matters pertaining to our eternal welfare. LLM 72A.5

The Lord desires every one to do his best. You may think that you can do very little; but remember that in the parable of the talents, Christ did not represent all the servants as receiving the same amount. To one servant was given five talents; to another, two, and to still another, one. If you have but one talent, use it wisely, increasing it by putting it out to the exchangers. Do what you can to roll back the wave of disease and suffering that is sweeping over our world. Come up to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty powers of darkness. LLM 72A.6

This medical dispensary work that Brother Sadler has outlined to us, is similar to the work that we did in Australia. While we were in Cooranbong, there was no physician within many miles of us; and my nurse, a woman of experience in treating the sick, took the place of a physician in our community. She responded to the many calls made, traveling from place to place and doing the work that God wants many others to do. In this line of work, some cannot do as much as others, but every one is to do what he can to relieve suffering. God desires every one of His children to have intelligence and knowledge, so that with unmistakable clearness and power His glory shall be revealed in our world. LLM 72B.1


MS. 14 ’04 (Copied Feb. 3, ’04)

Into the medical missionary work there must be brought more of a yearning for souls. It was this yearning that filled the hearts of those who established our first medical institution. Christ is to be present in the sick-room, filling the heart of the physician with the fragrance of His love. When his life is such that Christ can go with him to the bedside of the sick, there will come to them the conviction that he, the compassionate Saviour, is present, and this conviction will do much to restore them to health. LLM 72B.2

In word and deed the physicians and nurses in our medical institutions are to say, so plainly that it cannot be misunderstood, “God is in this place,” to save, not to destroy. Christ invites our physicians to become acquainted with Him. When they respond to His invitation, they will know that they receive the things they ask for. Their minds will be enlightened by wisdom from above. Constantly beholding the Saviour, they will become more and more like Him, till at last it can be said of them in the heavenly courts, “Ye are complete in Him.” Christ has pledged Himself to give His disciples what they ask for in His name. As they labor in harmony with Him, they can ask Him to aid them in every time of need. LLM 72B.3


MS. 62 ’04 (Copied June 25, ’04)

Read the eighth chapter of Matthew, and learn from it how Christ united the ministry of the Word with medical missionary work. Study the methods of the great Healer, and labor as He labored. LLM 73.1


K. 180 ’03 (Copied March 5, ’03)

Those who profess to be medical missionaries are to be consecrated, working for the best interests of the world, yet not ensnared with the wiles of the world. The Lord desires you to be a vessel unto honor... LLM 73.2

The following words outline true gospel missionary work,—the work in which all will engage who are truly converted: (See the MS. for many Scriptures.) LLM 73.3


W. 202 ’03 (Copied Sept. 11, ’03)

Medical missionary workers are needed in the Southern field, who can engage in sanitarium work. Sanitariums are needed, in which successful medical and surgical work can be done. These institutions, conducted in accordance with the will of God, would remove prejudice, and call our work into favorable notice. The highest aim of the workers in these institutions is to be the spiritual health of the patients. Successful evangelistic work can be done in connection with medical missionary work. It is as these lines of work are united that we may expect to gather the most precious fruit for the Lord. LLM 73.4

From the instruction that the Lord has given me from time to time, I know that there should be workers who make medical evangelistic tours among the towns and villages. Those who do this work will gather a rich harvest of souls, both from the higher and the lower classes. The way for this work is best prepared by the efforts of the faithful canvasser. LLM 73.5

Many will be called into the field to labor from house to house, giving Bible readings, and praying with those who are interested. LLM 73.6

It is of the utmost importance that harmony exist in our institutions. Better for the work to be crippled than for workers who are not fully devoted to be employed. It is unconsecrated, unconverted men who have been spoiling the work of God. The Lord has no use whatever for men who are not wholly consecrated to His service. LLM 73.7

The hearts and interests of God's workers should be one. The workers should be bound up with Christ, and should esteem one another highly for their work's sake... LLM 73.8


I. 42 ’98 (Copied May 19, ’98)

A most decided work need to be done in our churches in Michigan. There has been a lack of cooperation and harmonious action, but if you will all draw steadily in Bible lines, a change will be wrought in the churches..... LLM 74.1

I hope that now, as never before, you will all,—ministers and church members—come up to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty powers of darkness. But I have written so much matter that I need not write largely to you. I will inquire why some of our ministerial brethren are so far behind in proclaiming the exalted theme of temperance? Why is it that greater interest is not shown in health reform? There are many who nourish and keep alive a constant prejudice against Dr. Kellogg. He is doing a large work. Why do they not fill their places in the ministry as well, as zealously as he is filling his place? Why do not the ministers of our churches do the very work that ought to have been done years ago? I am glad that some one has taken up the work that has been so neglected. LLM 74.2

The complaint comes, Dr. Kellogg has gathered up all the young men he can get, and therefore we have no workers. But this is the very best thing that could be done for the young men and the work. (At that time, about 1898, I think.) Let us check such dates carefully, that we be not confused by Satan. Soon after above was written, Sister White found it necessary to counsel against sending youth to Battle Creek because the work grew too large and Dr. Kellogg taught considerable error mixed with much light.—Copyist, ERP) LLM 74.3

To you, (words missing from page) as President of the General Conference, and to Brother Evans, President of the General Conference Association, and to Brother Durland, as President of the Michigan Conference, I would say, Continue to work with tact and ability. Get some of these young men and young women to work in the churches. Combine medical missionary work with the proclamation of the third angel's message. Make regular, organized efforts to lift the churches out of the dead level in which they have been for years. Send out into the churches workers who will set the principles of health reform before every church in Michigan. See if the breath of life will not then come into these churches. LLM 74.4

A new element needs to be brought into the work. God's people must receive the warning, and work for souls right where they are; for people do not realize their great need and peril. Christ sought the people where they were, and placed before them the great truths in regard to His kingdom. As He went from place to place, He blessed and comforted the suffering, and healed the sick. This is our work. God would have us relieve the necessities of the destitute. The reason that the Lord does not manifest His power more decidedly is because there is so little spirituality among those who claim to believe the truth. LLM 74.5

There are in our world many Christian workers who have not yet heard the grand and wonderful truths that have come to us. These are doing a good work, in accordance with the light they have, and many of them are more advanced in knowledge, and practical work than are those who have had great light and great opportunities. LLM 75.1

The indifference among our ministers in regard to health reform and medical missionary work, is surprising. Even those who do not profess to be Christians treat the subject with greater reverence than do some of our own people, and they are going in advance of us. The word given to me for you is, “Go forward.” “All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world....” LLM 75.2

Bro. Irwin, take hold of the work of health reform. If any of the ministers have the idea that the medical missionary work is gaining preponderance, let them take the men who have been working in these lines with them into their fields of labor, two here and two there. Let the ministers receive these medical missionaries as they would receive Christ, and see what work they can do. I do not think they will find them dwarfs in religious experience. See if in this way, you cannot bring some of heaven's vital current into the churches. See if there is not a class who will grasp the education they need so much, and see if they will not bear the testimony, “But God, who is rich in mercy, for His great love wherewith He loved us, even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (not aside from Christ), (by grace ye are saved) and hath raised us up together, and made us sit together (not in independent atoms) in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” LLM 75.3


B 17. ’05 (Copied Jan. 11, ’05)

In our Washington work, wise, competent physicians, efficient managers, and nurses with the very best qualifications will be needed. Earnest, devoted young people also will be needed, to enter the work as nurses. These young men and women will increase in capability as they use conscientiously the knowledge they gain, and they will become better and better qualified to be the Lord's helping hand. They may become successful missionaries, pointing souls to the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world, and whose healing efficiency can save both soul and body. LLM 75.4

The Lord wants wise men and women, acting in the capacity of nurses, to comfort and help the sick and suffering. Through the ministrations of these nurses, those who have heretofore taken no interest in religious things will be led to ask, “What must I do to be saved?” The sick will be led to Christ by the patient attention of nurses who anticipate their wants, and who bow in prayer and ask the great Medical Missionary to look with compassion upon the sufferer, and to let the soothing influence of His grace be felt and His restoring power be exercised. O that all who are sick and afflicted could be ministered to by Christ-like physicians and nurses, who could help them to place their weary, pain-racked bodies in the care of the great Healer, in faith looking to Him for restoration. LLM 75.5

The nervous timidity of the sick will be overcome as they are made acquainted with the intensive interest that the Saviour has for all suffering humanity. O the depth of the love of Christ! To redeem us from death, He died on the cross of Calvary. LLM 76.1

Let our physicians and nurses ever bear in mind the words, “We are laborers together with God.” Let every physician and every nurse learn how to work for the alleviation of mental as well as physical suffering. At this time, when sin is so prevalent and so violently revealed, how important it is that our sanitariums be conducted in such a way that they will accomplish the greatest amount of good. How important that all the workers in these institutions know how to speak words in season to those who are weary and sinsick. LLM 76.2

Physicians and nurses should ever be kind and cheerful, putting away all gloom and sadness. Let faith grasp the hand of Christ for His healing touch... LLM 76.3

As our nurses minister patiently to those who are sick in body and soul, let them ask God to work for the suffering ones, that they may be led to know Christ, and let them believe that their prayers will be answered. In all that is done, let the love of Christ be revealed. LLM 76.4

Every sincere Christian bows to Jesus as the true physician of souls. When He stands by the bedside of the afflicted, there will be many, not only converted, but healed, He who declared, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” will be with His faithful physicians and nurses as they strive to cooperate with Him. If through judicious ministration the patient is led to give his soul to Christ, and to bring his thoughts into obedience to the will of God, a great victory is gained. LLM 76.5


B 29 ’05 (Copied Jan. 1, ’05)

O how I long to see the work going with power in New Bedford and Fairhaven, and in many other places just as greatly in need of the truth as these places. We hope that sometime a sanitarium may be established in New Bedford. Medical Missionary workers are needed in such cities. But, dear sister, it requires talent of no ordinary ability to manage a sanitarium. Men of experience, tried and tested must take hold of the work. That part of the workers who undertake to establish such an institution are experienced and qualified, is not sufficient. For their own sake, for the sake of the institution, and for the sake of the cause at large, it is important that a complete corps of well qualified men and women be found to enter upon the work. The Lord's eye is over the whole field, and when the time is ripe for an institution to be started in a certain field, He can turn toward that place the minds of the men and women best prepared to enter the institution. LLM 76.6

There are many lines of work to be carried forward. There is an opening for well-trained nurses to go among families and awaken in households an interest in the truth. There is urgent need of many evangelists and Bible workers in such cities as Boston and New Bedford. Such workers would find many opportunities to sow the good seed. There is work for every energetic, thorough, earnest worker. The teaching of Christ, the simple truths taught by His parables, are just as much needed today as they were when He was in the world in person. LLM 77.1


O, -55 ’05 (Copied Jan 30, ’05)

The Lord gave me great light on health reform. In connection with my husband I was to be a medical missionary worker. I was to set an example to the church by taking the sick to my home and caring for them. This I have done, myself giving the women and children most vigorous treatment. I was also to speak on the subject of Christian temperance, as the Lord's appointed messenger. I engaged heartily in this work, and spoke to large assembly on temperance in its broadest and truest sense... LLM 77.2

While we were in Australia we worked as medical missionaries in every sense of the word. At times I made my home in Cooranbong, an asylum for the sick, and afflicted. My secretary, who had received a training in the Battle Creek Sanitarium, stood by my side, and did the work of a missionary nurse. No charge was made for her services, and we won the confidence of the people by the interest that we manifested in the sick and suffering. After a time the Health Retreat at Cooranbong was built, and then we were relieved of this burden. LLM 77.3


B. 59 ’05 (Copied Feb. 4 ’05) L.B. 38, p. 173.

The nurses connected with these institutions should be prepared to exert a soul-saving influence. Those who are not rooted and grounded in the truth should not be employed. Let them first become established in the truth. Then let them learn to be ever on guard, ever seeking to make the right impression on the minds of the sick... LLM 77.4

Nurses should always be pleasant and cheerful, and should show thoughtful consideration. They are ever to strive to do their work wisely and well, realizing that they are serving the Lord, and that in the discharge of their duties they are to live out before unbelievers their faith in the truth for this time. LLM 78.1

Great care should be shown in choosing young people to connect with our sanitariums. Those who have not the love of the truth in the soul should not be chosen. The sick need to have wise words spoken to them. The influence of every worker should make an impression on the minds in favor of the religion of Christ. Light has been given me that the young people chosen to connect with our sanitariums should be those who have evidence that they have been apt learners in the school of Christ... LLM 78.2

Nurses should have regular Bible instruction, that they may be able to speak to the sick words that will enlighten and help them. Angels of God are in the rooms where the suffering ones are to take treatment, and the atmosphere surrounding the soul of the one giving treatment should be pure and fragrant. In the lives of the physicians and nurses the virtues of Christ are to be seen. His principles are to be lived. Then, by what they do and say, the sick will be drawn to the Saviour... LLM 78.3

It is to save the souls, as well as to cure the bodies of men and women, that our sanitariums are at much expense established. God designs that by means of them, the rich and the poor, the high and the low, shall find the bread from heaven and the water of life... LLM 78.4

An experienced Christian nurse in the sickroom will use the best remedies within her knowledge for restoring the sufferer to health. And she will pleasantly and successfully draw the one for whom she is working to Christ, the Healer of the soul as well as of the body. The lessons given, line upon line, here a little and there a little, will have their influence. The older nurses, whether they be men or women, should lose no opportunity of calling the attention of the sick to Christ. Those who care for the sick should be prepared to blend spiritual healing with physical healing. Let the nurses in our sanitariums show that in the solemn work of caring for the sick, they do not rely on drug medication, but on the power of Christ, and the use of the simple remedies that He has provided,—the application of hot and cold water and simple, nourishing food, without intoxicating liquor of any kind, with judicious exercise, and a putting away of all injurious practices. In treatment such as this there is health for the sick. LLM 78.5