Loma Linda Messages


Medical Missionaries to be Thoroughly Educated in Bible Lines

J. 178'03 (Aug. 2 ’03)

The very same reasons that were given for the removal of the old Battle Creek College from Battle Creek, should now lead our brethren to decide to train in other places the youth who now expect to prepare themselves for medical missionary work. Those who expect to become medical missionary workers must be thoroughly educated in Bible lines. They should have the very best spiritual advantages, in order that they may be fitted to teach and to train others. LLM 62.5

My brother, I am surprised that you are found asleep on this point. I declare unto you, in the name of the Lord, that the arrangements being made for the training of medical missionaries in Battle Creek are not right. A great work is to be done in a short time, and God forbids that we should encourage so many of our youth to bind themselves up for three, or four, or six years of training, before engaging in active work,.. Men and women should gain an education by working along practical lines in different places, in accordance with the light that God has given, and under the instruction of experienced leaders. LLM 62.6