Loma Linda Messages


Every One to Work as Christ Worked

Ms. 94 ’03 (Copied Aug. 27 ’03)

Our youth... are not to be bound about, so that they cannot develop. They should daily be given the highest motives to advance. They should attend our schools, and the teachers should work with them, and pray with them. They should leave these schools true medical missionaries, firmly bound up with the gospel ministry. LLM 59.4

Our churches who have a deep interest in the children and youth, and in the work of training workers to carry forward the work essential for this time, need not blunder; for God will open ways before all who are perfecting Christian characters. He will have places ready for them in which to begin to do true missionary work. It was to prepare workers for this work, that our schools and sanitariums were established... LLM 60.1

I say to our people, Let not those on whom we must depend to do gospel missionary work in places where the truth should be represented, be drawn away by any pretense from their work. The cause of God needs the very best workers. God's workers are ever to cherish a clear idea of what is constituted by pure and undefiled religion. In the cities where the truth is to be established, there will be needed workers of Bible faith and practise. The work of God is to be carried forward in the South, and the youth whose talents make them most desired in Battle Creek are to be ready to step into the places prepared for them in institutions where they can obtain a training for work without being thrown into the companionship of worldly people, who know not God and whose wrong sentiments will leaven the minds of those with whom they are brought in contact. We cannot afford to allow the minds of our youth to be thus leavened; for it is on these youth that we must depend to carry forward the work in the future. LLM 60.2

I call upon the presidents of our conferences to exert their God-given influence to open the fields that have never yet been worked. These fields stand as a reproach to our people. Organize your work intelligently, and then proceed to action. Let your simplicity of speech, and your simplicity and neatness of dress speak of your work as missionaries. Educational advantages will be provided, and the Lord will go before those who will take up the work in the spirit of self-sacrifice. LLM 60.3

Study the life and teachings of Christ. Men may bid for your services, offering large inducements. Remember that Christ paid for you the price of His own life, and that you are not your own. You are to glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are His. LLM 60.4