Loma Linda Messages


To be a Medical Missionary, Means to be a Laborer Together with God

MS. 139'02 (Sept. 15, ’02)

The Lord has given me these words to speak and write over and over again, until a decided adherence to the principles of truth shows that men have been called to repentance. A grand side of the word of God is revealed by the words, “Medical Missionary”. To be a medical missionary means to be a laborer together with God. Medical missionary work, a work that is to be a great help and strength to the cause, is to be carried forward in all carefulness and wisdom. Into this work not one thread is to be drawn that will spoil the beautiful pattern that God designs shall be worked out. LLM 55.2

The medical missionary work is God's own work, and it is to be controlled by no human power. Human agencies are to act as the Lord's helping hand, guided and controlled by the power of the Holy Spirit. Not one act is to be done that will dishonor the work. LLM 55.3

Mistakes will be made. But let men be very careful how they bear down upon those who have made mistakes. Sometimes the one who treats the erring with little mercy has made mistakes far more grievous in the sight of God than those made by the one whom he so unsparingly condemns. LLM 55.4

Under the Lord's special guidance, some things have been done that are contrary to the specified directions laid down by men. Unseen agencies were guiding in another way than that marked out by human wisdom. Then let men be careful how they call their brethren to account, as though they were in God's place. LLM 55.5

The Lord has heard the humiliating censure that had been given to those who had not rebellion in their hearts, who thought they were doing just what they were told to do. The Lord saw that His work would be marred if the directions given by men were followed, and He guided the minds of the workers to do the work in the very way that He wished it done. The workers did not follow the plan laid out by men, because God had a better plan for them. The divine guiding produced the right result... LLM 55.6

I am instructed to say to our ministers and medical missionary workers, Be careful what spirit you manifest to one another. LLM 56.1