Loma Linda Messages


Report of the committee on Suggestive Plans and Resolutions Pacific Union Conference Medical Convention

From talk given by Mrs. E. G. White, Loma Linda, Oct. 30, 1907.

Here (at Loma Linda) we have ideal advantages for a school and for a sanitarium. Here are advantages for the patients. I have been instructed that here we should have a school, conducted on the principles of the ancient schools of the prophets. It may not be carried on, in every respect, as are the schools of the world, but it is to be especially adapted for those who desire to devote their lives, not to commercial pursuits, but to unselfish service for the Master. LLM 303.3

We want a school of the highest order,—a school where the word of God will be regarded as essential, and where obedience to its teachings will be taught. For the carrying forward of such a school, we must have carefully selected educators. Our young people are not to be wholly dependent on the schools where they are told, “If you wish to complete our course of instruction, you must take this study, or some other study,”—studies that perhaps would be of no practical benefit to those whose only desire is to give to the world God's message of health and peace. In the education that many receive there are not only subjects that are non-essential, but much that is decidedly objectionable. We should endeavor to give instruction that will prepare students quickly for service to their fellow-men. LLM 303.4

We are to seek for students who will plow deep into the word of God, and who will conform the life practice to the truths of the word. Let the education given be such as will qualify consecrated young men and women to go forth in harmony with the great commission, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.” LLM 303.5

Elder Burden: I want to ask a question. Is this school that you have spoken of simply to qualify nurses, or is it to embrace also the qualifications for physicians? LLM 303.6

E.G. White: Physicians are to receive their education here. Here they are to receive such a mold that when they go out to labor, they will not seek to grasp the very highest wages, or else do nothing. LLM 304.1


Loma Linda, Calif.,

W. 360'07 Oct. 30,’07.

Mrs. Mable Workman:

My dear Granddaughter,

I have just read a letter that you wrote to your father, and will now begin a letter to you... LLM 309.1

Last Sunday night we were on the cars, and I was unable to sleep well. The next night we spent at Loma Linda. I had a good bed, but was wakeful, and had but a short period of rest. At the early morning meeting on Tuesday, I spoke to the people. After breakfast I rode out for an hour. LLM 309.2

Tuesday afternoon I met with the stockholders of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium. Their council meeting was held in the bowling alley. In coming out we had to pass through the assembly room, where there was a large audience. Brother Burden asked me to stay, as they were speaking of the work of higher education that should be carried on in medical lines, but I thought it best not to do this. After I had climbed the long flight of stairs to my room on the third floor, which was the third time for that day, I found an article that I had written about a year ago, in reference to the establishment of a school of the highest order, in which the students would not be taught to use drugs in the treatment of the sick. With this I went down stairs again, and returned to the meeting. LLM 309.3

Elder Burden was reading some extracts from letters that I had written about the school work. When he had finished I read the article I had with me, which was right to the point. It spoke of the school that should be operated here at Loma Linda. Here there are wonderful advantages for a school. The farm, the orchard, the pasture land, the large buildings, the ample grounds, the beauty,—all are a great blessing. If all will now take hold intelligently of the work that should be done here, there will be success. LLM 310.1

For some weeks before this meeting I had been feeling very poorly. But the Lord has greatly blessed me here, and for this I am very thankful. The Lord has imparted to me strength as the occasion has demanded. LLM 310.2

Thursday morning, Sara came to my room, and told me it was time to go to the early meeting. I had been writing since three o'clock. I attended the meeting, and spoke for about three-quarters of an hour, and then there was a testimony meeting. I could not hear what was said, but I was told that it was an interesting meeting. In all my talks I have tried to present Christ as our wisdom, our sanctification, and our righteousness. LLM 310.3

Ellen G. White