Loma Linda Messages


A Statement Regarding the Training of Physicians


Jan. 27, 1910 -4-

The statement given below, was called forth by a question submitted to Elder I. H. Evans, E. E. Andross and H. W. Cottrell, reading as follows:

“Are we to understand, from what you have written concerning the establishment of a medical school at Loma Linda, that, according to the light you have received from the Lord, we are to establish a thoroughly equipped medical school, the graduates from which will be able to take State Board examinations and become registered, qualified physicians.”

The light given me is, we must provide that which is essential to qualify our youth who desire to be physicians, so that they may intelligently fit themselves to be able to stand the examinations essential to prove their efficiency as physicians. They are to be prepared to stand the essential tests required by law, and to treat understandingly the cases of those who are diseased, so that the door will be closed for any sensible physician to fear that we are not giving in our school the instruction essential for the proper qualification of a physician. Continually the students who are graduated are to advance in knowledge; for practice makes perfect. LLM 486.1

The medical school at Loma Linda is to be of the highest order, because we have a living connection with the wisest of all physicians, from whom there is communicated knowledge of a superior order. And whatever subjects are required as essential in the school conducted by those not of our faith, we are to supply so that our youth need not go to those worldly schools. Thus we shall close the door that the enemy would be pleased to have left open; and our young men and young women, whom the Lord would have us guard religiously, will not then need to connect with worldly medical schools conducted by unbelievers. LLM 487.1


Mountain View, Calif.,

January 27, 1910.

Dear Brother,


No man's judgment is to be regarded as a safe and infallible guide. There is a certainty in sanctified submission to the will of God, and this is the only certainty that any man has the right to stand by. Any other position of certainty than this, of humble submission to the will of God, is unsafe, and is liable to lead a man to lose his hold on God, and mar his religious experience. LLM 487.2

Many trials come to all who are called to engage in the work of God. Those who have the responsibility of locating and fostering our sanitariums and training schools, need the advice and counsel of men of sound judgment,—men who trust not in their own supposed wisdom, but who stand ready to advance by faith in the opening providences of God, and who constantly look to the Lord for wisdom and guidance... LLM 487.3

In this our age of the world, we claim to be, in a special sense, the Lord's chosen people, as did Israel of old. And we are, indeed, the Lord's covenant-keeping people, pledged by our baptismal vows to walk in newness of life, and in obedience to all the commandments of Holy Writ. The Lord God of Israel is our God, whom we serve. Throughout the ages, the Sabbath of Jehovah has lost none of its meaning. It is still a sign between God and His people, and will ever remain a sign. LLM 487.4

Those who have the responsibility of locating and keeping in operation our sanitariums and schools, are ever to bear in mind that those institutions are to be regarded as divinely appointed agencies for the restoration of the entire man,—physical, mental, and spiritual. In planning for the establishment of sanitariums in places where God has designated we should do a special work, we are to allow no selfishness, no personal ambition, to mar the work. Over and over again I have repeated that the establishment and maintenance of sanitariums is ordained of God for the advancement of His cause in the earth. While Christ was on this earth, He ministered to the needs of suffering humanity. He is our example. We are to labor intelligently; and in planning for the extension of sanitarium work, we are to seek to secure the very places that God indicates are most suitable for carrying forward this line of our work. LLM 487.5

In the providence of God, there come to this people, in time of need, favorable opportunities to secure valuable facilities that can be utilized wisely for the rapid advancement of the cause. At times, the Lord has specified that we should come into possession of properties in certain localities where we needed to obtain an entrance for the proclamation of the third angel's message. The idea that we are not to purchase any such properties, unless first the money is in hand, is not in accordance with the mind of God. Again and again, in years past, the Lord has tested our faith by opening the way for us to secure places possessing advantages, at a cost far below their real value and at a time when we had no money. We have at such times, met the situation by borrowing money on interest, and advancing in harmony with the command of our divine leader who bade us advance in faith. These experiences have been attended with many perplexing problems, but the Lord has helped us through them all, and His name has been glorified. Had we hesitated, the precious cause would have been retarded rather than advanced, and, in many cases, opportunity would have been given our enemies to triumph over our failures to secure these advantages placed within our reach. In such matters as these, we are to learn to walk by faith, when necessary, as some have walked in the past. LLM 488.1

Light has been given that it is best to establish our sanitariums outside the cities. Some of our physicians have spoken in favor of locating our sanitariums in the cities. It is difficult to understand why any one would plan to establish a large sanitarium in a city. The very atmosphere of the cities is objectionable. We must conduct our sanitarium work in places suitable for the recovery of the sick. The more attractive the surroundings, the better. In the gardens of nature, the sick rapidly find something to please. Their thoughts are uplifted to the Creator. Let us thank God that so many of our sanitariums are established in pleasing country locations, and yet within easy reach of important centers of population where there are many people to whom we are to communicate a knowledge of saving truth. LLM 488.2

It is the favorable situation of the property, that makes Loma Linda an ideal place for the recovery of the sick and for the warning of many who might otherwise never hear the truth for this time. It is God's plan that Loma Linda shall be not only a sanitarium, but a special center for the training of gospel medical missionary evangelists. LLM 489.1