Loma Linda Messages


It is Plain from These Facts, That

1. There is a Providence over-ruling the movements of the servant whom God has called to make known His will. LLM 397.2

2. Of this divinely-appointed servant, the Lord has said: “I have spared your life to do My work; and wherever I send you, go, and I will send My angel with you.... I will be thy mind, I will be thy judgment.” LLM 397.3

3. When this servant of the Lord indicates that a certain work should be done, God's people should be ready to aid in an effort to do this work. LLM 397.4

4. The minds of God's people may not be able to see all the particulars involved in these requests for aid in the accomplishment of a “special work” that “has been laid out,” nevertheless, they are called upon to do their God-given duty. LLM 397.5

5. That which the Lord says is to be established, will be established, notwithstanding the fact that years may be lost through a refusal to follow the leadings of God's providences. This is revealed in the statement regarding Australasia reading thus; “The work should be established in this country, and it will be; for thus the Lord has said. We might be years in advance if our brethren in America had stood unflinchingly to their duty, to hear and obey the word of the Lord. Let no more time be lost.” LLM 397.6

6. For the accomplishment of definite lines of work pointed out by the Spirit of Prophecy, the Lord's servant has been instructed: “In no case should you be feeble in your request for the advantage of means.” And the people are instructed: “You may not be able to see all the particulars involved in this request of God to impart. But the special work has been laid out, and you are called upon to do God-given duty.” LLM 397.7


When applied to the entire situation at Takoma Park, D. C., these principles stand out very clearly. But few, if any, understood all that was involved in the appeals to our people for means to establish a school and a sanitarium at this place, in connection with the denominational headquarters. It required large faith to launch these enterprises; but the men in responsibility, while unable to “see all the particulars involved” in doing “the special work” that had been “laid out,” went forward in faith. The reasons for establishing a school and a sanitarium in connection with the new center at the capital of the nation, are now beginning to be understood. Those who had the faith and the courage to advance in response to counsel given through the Spirit of Prophecy, are not rejoicing over that which has been accomplished. LLM 397.8

When these principles are applied in a study of the history of our missions work in the countries of Continental Europe, it is evident that some of the foundations laid during the period when Sister White was stationed there—1885-1887—have had much to do with the building up of a substantial, solid work, in that field along right lines. There was a divine providence in Sister White's visit to Europe just at the time she did go there—when foundations were being laid for the magnificent superstructure that we behold today. LLM 398.1

And when we turn to Australasia, we learn that those acquainted with the struggles of the men and women of faith who led out in the establishment of the Avondale School and the Wahroonga Sanitarium, in harmony with the direct leadings of the Spirit of Prophecy, are able to appreciate fully the divine providence connected with the sojourn of Sister White in that center of the Island field just at the time she was permitted to labor there. LLM 398.2


The time came when the servant of the Lord whom He had called to make known His will, was bidden to return from Australasia to America. Before leaving Australasia, she began to see the fruition of her hopes. The word of the Lord, as spoken through the human agent was being vindicated in a marked manner. And those who remained to carry on the work that had been set in operation, have with the passing years seen evidence upon evidence of the providential leadings of the Spirit of Prophecy during the formative period of the work in the Australasian Union Conference. God's promises, as spoken through His servant, are fulfilling; His word has been vindicated. LLM 398.3