Loma Linda Messages


4. Medical Missionary Work to Prepare the Way for Gospel Workers

Our Saviour never used His power to make His own life less taxing. He went about doing good, healing the sick and preaching the gospel. In our work today the ministry of the Word and medical missionary work are to be combined. LLM 338.7

Luke is called the “Beloved Physician.” Paul heard of his skill as a physician, and he sought him out as one to whom the Lord had entrusted a special work. He secured his cooperation in his work. After a time he left him at Philippi. Here Luke continued to labor for several years, doing double service as a physician and a gospel minister. He was indeed a medical missionary. He did his part, and then besought the Lord, to let His healing power rest upon the afflicted ones. His medical skill opened many doors for Him, giving him opportunity to preach the gospel among the heathen.—Unpub. MS. (B. 134-'03). LLM 339.1

Our sanitariums are established to break down the prejudice which exists in the world against the truth for this time. How important, then, that those connected with such an institution be free from reproach in any lines.—Unpub. MS. (B. 69”01). LLM 339.2

The purest example of unselfishness is now to be shown by our medical missionary workers. With the knowledge and experience gained by practical work, they are to go out to give treatment to the sick. As they go from house to house, they will find access to many hearts. Many will be reached who otherwise would never have heard the gospel message.—Unpub. MS. (MS- 125-'03) LLM 339.3