Loma Linda Messages


The Work in Southern California


Southern Calif. is a field that should depend more than it has upon its own resources. It should have more facilities, and should not be cramped as it has been in some respects. LLM 327.3

Southern Calif. is a missionary field, a large part of which has received but little missionary effort. Henceforth it should receive more attention. The various lines of work that can be carried on should be diligently studied, and the advantages of such cities as Redlands and Riverside, and the need of putting forth decided effort for them, faithfully investigated. LLM 327.4

Los Angeles demands constant labor because of its changing population. San Bernardino calls for earnest missionary effort. The work for all these places needs to be done by those who can adapt themselves to the needs of the field. In our work we miss the labors of Elder Simpson; but we must not leave the work undone because some of the faithful workers fall by the way. LLM 327.5

In Loma Linda we have an advantageous center for the carrying on of various missionary enterprises. We can see that it was in the providence of God that this sanitarium was placed in the possession of our people. We should appreciate Loma Linda as a place which the Lord foresaw we should need, and which He gave. LLM 327.6

The cities in the San Bernardino Valley were presented before me as places where the truth should go with power. The small printing press that Brother H. W. Kellogg has furnished should prove a blessing to the work in that part of the field, by printing publications that will be needed for the furtherance of the work in the Southern California Cities. Our publications must now be greatly multiplied. Papers and leaflets containing the best discourses preached by our ministers are to be published and scattered widely throughout the regions where meetings are being held. LLM 327.7

It was the Lord who placed in our possession the sanitariums at Loma Linda, Glendale, and Paradise Valley... LLM 328.1

We have been indolent in regard to our duty to Southern California. The many tourists who visit the cities in this conference should be given opportunity to hear the truth for this time. Let us do all in our power to enlighten the people in this large field. It is the privilege of every believer to let the light shine forth. We are drawing near to the close of this earth's history; we have not one hour to devote to needless matters. Our ministers in the Southern California Conference should now devote their best efforts to proclaiming the message of truth in all these large resorts. The Lord will impart His grace to all who will work in Christ's lines. And hope and faith will strengthen as the workers for God put their trust in Him. LLM 328.2

Ellen G. White.


Elmshaven, Sanitarium, Calif.

Jan. 5, 1908. B.-12-'08 Jan. 5, 1908.

Dear Brother Burden,

I have received and read your letter. I have written a letter in response to the one which Elder Reaser wrote me, and sent the same to Elder Haskell to deliver. Today I sent Elder Haskell a telegram, telling him to hold the letter until later. LLM 330.1

Brother Reaser's letter touched my heart, and I replied in the hope that he might be helped in just the right way. If this is possible, we shall accomplish much. If Elder Reaser will see himself as he is and acknowledge his mistakes, he can unite his strength with ours to save others from going over the same ground that he has traveled. Much will be gained if he learns to stand. not in his own strength, but in the strength of God. I was so thankful for the acknowledgements that Brother Reaser made in his letter, that I could not refrain from weeping; for I knew that they would mean much to such a man as he. I know also that if he will turn his strength of purpose on the right side, he will be a power for good in the work of God. And the strength that he can give is needed. LLM 330.2

I accepted his statements in sincerity, and wrote at once. Christ's lessons of forgiveness were in my mind. It was not I who had been hurt, but the precious cause of truth; for he in his self-confidence had taken a wonderfully bold stand. I thought that if the man was sincere, this acknowledgment and evidence in his life of the transforming grace of Christ, was all that we need ask. I can not express to you the gladness I felt as I thought that Elder Reaser had indeed come to see matters in the same light with his brethren. I hope he has done so; it seemed to me that as I read his letter I could see the work in Southern Calif. standing on a better and surer foundation, strengthened by the unity of the workers and the churches. But if this is only supposition, and his has not been a true conversion, then my burden comes back to me with grievous force. LLM 331.1

I send these lines to you and to Elder Haskell: Truth will triumph, and bear away the victory. I am so full of thanksgiving when one soul who has lost his bearings is recovered; I know not how to express my gratitude. If this soul can be saved, do all in your power to save him. LLM 331.2

I was so sorry when I heard that Elder Reaser was undermining the confidence of the people in the testimonies God had been giving to His people for the past sixty years. I thought, He certainly could not have studied them and received them as from God, or he could not make them of no account in the minds of the people. Then when his letter came, acknowledging his belief in the messages, I was filled with joy. The Lord would not now be dishonored; Brother Reaser would not now be so taken up with his own ideas that he could turn away from the testimonies. LLM 331.3

There are many, many who are not studying the testimonies as they should. Some read them casually, or make some reference to them, but they are not presented in the spirit of assurance of the Spirit of truth. Many of those who profess the truth for this time turn from the messages and accept their own opinions and ideas as verity and truth. LLM 331.4

I have never in all my experience met a man who felt so fully competent to carry all lines of the work as Brother Reaser. The Lord has shown me that he felt himself sufficient for this work, that he needed no others to advise or counsel him. How to reach him, how to open his eyes to see his true condition, seemed a very difficult thing. But this letter to me was of such a character that I could see that a change was taking place. If he continues to humble himself before God, Elder Reaser will become a little child to learn his lessons of the great Teacher, I have waited for this change to come, and I have felt sad indeed that it has been so long delayed. Let us see if our brother is not changed; let us look for a spirit of humility and meekness in him. Unless he has this spirit he is not safe. LLM 331.5

God help him, is my prayer. LLM 332.1

Ellen G. White


Sanitarium, Calif.,

Feb. 2, 1908 B.-58-'08 Jan. 12, ’08.

Elder J. A. Burden, Loma Linda, Calif.:

Dear Brother and Sister Burden,

I have just written a short letter to Elder Reaser. When a man exalts himself as Elder Reaser has done, he is in great peril. He is in danger of losing his soul; and the enemy will endeavor to take advantage of his influence and his capabilities, and use them to deceive others, and lead them into false paths. LLM 332.2

But I have been shown that if Elder Reaser will humble his heart, and make a decided change in his attitude toward the work and toward his brethren, then we should come close to him to help him. It will not help him to treat him coldly. Let us not risk the chance of losing his soul, but let us help and strengthen him, and forgive as Christ forgives. LLM 332.3

Brother Reaser needs help. If he sees the changes he should make, and casts away the false confidence he has had, putting his trust in the One who gave His life for man, he can have power to overcome. LLM 332.4

Elder Reaser is seeking to keep the better world in view, and he wants us to trust him. How tenderly my heart went out toward him as I read his letters. I desire to help him over this hard place. I believe that if we can tenderly help him at this time, that he will respond to our efforts in his behalf. I feel that we should not make it known to the churches that we feared he would have to resign his position. I would not take a step that would mar his life record. Let us try to help him to put his heart and soul and strength on the Lord's side, for the upbuilding of His church. LLM 332.5

I would not willingly do anything that would show a spirit of coldness or lack of Christian forgiveness. I have told our brother where he has erred, and that the Lord was grieved with his course of action. We have many dangers to encounter in our Christian experience, but that which seems to me would be the most serious error just now would be to withdraw from one who needs our help while struggling to get on safe footing. LLM 332.6

I have felt a deep yearning for the soul of Brother Reaser, and the mere thought that he may retain his position as president of the conference, and work in unison with his brethren, fills me with thankfulness. I shall rejoice greatly if he need not pass through the embarrassment of being separated from the work. LLM 332.7

I have sought no counsel in this matter but the Lord's, and He has shown me that Brother Reaser, with the help and sympathy of his brethren, and working unitedly with them, can serve another year. Brethren Cottrell and Reaser should blend in their work, and give you the help you must have in your sanitarium work. This the Lord calls them to do. LLM 333.1

Brother Reaser will have many difficulties to overcome; for he has misjudged the way in which the work of soul-winning should be done. He will need now, more than ever before, faithful, sympathizing friends,—those who will help him to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God. He will be ennobled to do this if he will allow his heart to be worked by the Holy Spirit of God. And we are to watch, not only this soul, but other souls that may have been in the wrong way, and help them to place their feet in the right way. With the help of his brethren, Brother Reaser may learn his lesson and find the path that Jesus traveled, and become a representative of Him. LLM 333.2

Let Brother Reaser help you in every possible way, and seek to strengthen him in every right purpose. Tell him the Lord says, “Be not discouraged; for I am thy God.” When I think of any other course being taken, I am filled with sorrow. Christ would have us united in Christian fellowship,—a tie more binding than the ties of human kinship. Let us take our stand on a higher platform. Christ has pledged Himself to work for us if we will take hold of Him by faith. LLM 333.3

Jesus does not willingly give sorrow to a single soul. Let us learn of Him how to manifest a tender affection. His promises will never fail; in Him we have an unchanging friend. Let us now take hold to glorify, not self, but Christ; then the light of His presence will shine upon us, illuminating all the way. LLM 333.4

I am very desirous, Brother Burden, that you should help Elder Reaser wherever you can. As he shall come into right relation to God, you will be encouraged to help him in many ways. If Brother Reaser will come into harmony with the work, he can be a help to you, and you to him. There are many who have received wrong impressions. There are many church members who need to feel the converting power of God upon mind and heart and character. There are many in Los Angeles who if they would move out of the city and find homes in more retired places, would have an experience of a higher character. There is a great work to be done for the city of Los Angeles. LLM 333.5

Ellen G. White


Sanitarium, Calif.,

B.-46-'08 Jan. 15, 1908.

Elders Burden and Reaser:

Dear Brethren,

I have words to speak to you. The Lord has a great work to do for His cause in the earth, and He will do it through those workers who will unite with Him. LLM 333.6

I plead with you, Elder Reaser, to take your stand wholly on the right side. We cannot change the presidency without feeling a deep regret. If you will take your position firmly to counterwork the influence you have exerted against the Testimonies of the Spirit of God, then the Lord can accept you. But while you remain in an unsettled condition, having more confidence in your own judgment than you have in the counsel of the Lord, you are doing a work to undermine the confidence of the people in the work of the Lord. I must say to you, Elder Reaser, that there is need for much searching of self, for you have much prejudice to overcome. One seed of unbelief sown in the heart, will change the atmosphere of the soul. There is a far-reaching work to be done in counterworking the work of unbelief that has been done. If you will place yourself under the control of the Spirit of God, the Lord will help you to do this. Angels of God are by the side of those who choose to be taught of the Lord and who seek His counsel. Our workers need to counsel often together, that they may know what spirit is controlling them. LLM 334.1

The workers in the Southern California Conference need to be minute men. No one is to exalt his own judgment or entertain the thought that he can carry the work in his own way. My brethren, when difficulties arise, do not leave the Lord out of your councils. Self-ruling will bring no strength to the church. A worker may magnify self to large proportions, but in doing so he will bring embarrassment to the work, and give an example to the church that God never designed it should have. LLM 334.2

The work that was done in collecting money to lift the school debt in Southern Calif. was not a work of God's ordering. He gave our schools the precious book “Christ's Object Lessons” and He wants that book to be appreciated. The students have lost precious lessons because they have not taken up the work of pushing the sale of these books. There is a most valuable experience to be gained by those who will aid in doing this work for the benefit of our educational institutions. If teachers and students will act their part in this missionary enterprise, angels of God will open the way before them. LLM 334.3

In this new year let new methods be recommended. Let parents encourage their children to act a part in the circulation of “Christ's Object Lessons.” This will instruct the children in acts of self-denial. The work of selling “Christ's Object Lessons” is a work that Christ would have the children engage in and they themselves will be blessed in the work. Light, precious light, is contained in the book, which every family should follow. LLM 334.4

“Ministry of Healing” is another book containing valuable instructions. It is also a gift to the work; its teachings will do good to those who receive them, as its title suggests. The sale of “Ministry of Healing” is one way in which the sanitarium is to receive help. Let us take a personal interest in this matter. These two books can be handled separately or together, as may be deemed advisable. And those who read them will see in them precious light. Angels will be beside those who study them to impress minds and hearts. LLM 334.5

The Loma Linda Sanitarium needs help. It was the Lord Who placed this institution in our possession, that we might carry forward His work through its instrumentality. It should have every convenience necessary to make it a blessing to the sick. In the efforts made to build up this work, Satan has tried in every way to discourage; but we must not be discouraged, but arouse to the task of carrying this work successfully. Los Angeles can help to meet the emergency by loaning means or making gifts to provide for the present necessities. LLM 335.1

There is need of an elevator at the sanitarium; it is also necessary that some other improvements be made, and that, as far as possible, the indebtedness be decreased. Let all who possibly can, help in the circulation of “Ministry of Healing” that means may come in for the doing of the work. If at the beginning of this new year, we will take hold of this work, the blessing of the Lord will be upon us. The pushing of this enterprise is included in the missionary work to be done for this time. Let all plan to see what can be done. LLM 335.2

We each need to arouse and be a benefit to the world in which we live. We are to act a part in the saving of souls. The spirit we reveal in words and character will live again in those for whom we labor as their ideal of what a Christian believer should be. When the will and desires are held subservient to the will and plans of the Lord, the soul will be as the garden of God, filled with all manner of pleasant flowers and fruits. LLM 335.3

The first chapter of 2 Peter contains valuable instruction for every worker. Read this chapter, and understand it for your individual selves. It is your privilege to secure the everlasting life insurance policy there brought to view. LLM 335.4


Jan. 19, 1906. B.-34-'06.

Sanitarium, California

Jan. 19, 1906.

Dear Brother and Sister Burden,

... (Note and deletion by copyist, ERP, March 19, 1960. Letter deleted here covering original pages 594, through 600 may be found on pages 96, 97, 98, 99 of this edition, 1960, of Loma Linda Messages, paged in original as 266 through 273.) LLM 335.5


(594 through 600) Repetition of pages 266 through 273 found on pages 96-99, this edition (1960). LLM 335.6