Loma Linda Messages


The Work In Southern California

MS.-127-'07 Nov. 3, 1907.

Loma Linda, Calif.,

I have passed a wakeful night; for there have been presented to me some things connected with the past, present, and future of the work in Southern California. LLM 310.4

I have now no hesitation in speaking plainly, and in calling things by their right names. For three nights in succession, the message has been given to me that Elder Reaser, as president of this Conference, is out of his place. He should not occupy such a position in any of our conferences. He is leading some of his brethren to ignore the messages that the Lord is sending to His people. He has refused to accept the testimonies that have not harmonized with his own mind and judgement. LLM 310.5

The results of his administration will be further developed in the future. Why should men be entrusted with such grave responsibilities before they have been sufficiently proved? Elder Reaser has made the work of Elder Burden exceedingly difficult. He has worked in an underhanded manner to thwart the efforts of Brother Burden to do the work that should be done at Loma Linda. The influence of Brother Reaser has been counter to the messages of instruction that the Lord has given concerning this sanitarium. For two years this work of opposition has been carried forward. LLM 310.6

The word of the Lord in unmistakable language is that Elder Reaser should not occupy the position of a Conference president. He needs to learn some of the first lessons of what God requires of His people who are living amid the perils of the strong temptations of these last days. He needs to be converted, heart, soul, and mind to the truth. Self has borne rule in his plans, and he has endeavored to convert others to his own ideas. As yet there has been but a part development of his character, but if he continues in his present course it will not be long before there will be a more open opposition to the work that we have, under the direction of God, endeavored to accomplish in Southern California. LLM 310.7

The authoritative utterances of our brother, in their commands and their forbiddings, bear not the heavenly impress. They are not inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. Unless he becomes thoroughly convinced that his mind is not infallible, his future life will be characterized by a spirit of exalting whomsoever he will, and of hindering those who are not in harmony with him. In his present state of mind, he should not be entrusted with responsibilities that would give him the power to dictate to any church. LLM 311.1

I have borne the testimony that Brother Reaser should have no control over Bro. Burden. I have borne a testimony, even in the meeting that has just been held here, that the Lord's servants are to seek their counsel from God. It is contrary to God's plan that men shall exercise arbitrary authority over their brethren. God will convince those who have felt called upon to exercise a wrong authority over their brethren, that He has not authorized them to take upon themselves such responsibilities. He has not appointed a man to take the place of God in this Conference. LLM 311.2

The Saviour bids us pray, “Lead us not into temptation.” Our heavenly Father will lead us not into temptation. Our heavenly Father will lead His people in the paths of righteousness. The word of the Lord to the churches in this conference is: “Watch and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. Be on your guard against the efforts of the powers of darkness to resist the testimonies of God's Spirit, that are to be understood.” Actions spring from desires and purposes. God alone can discern the thoughts and intents of the heart. He weighs with unerring accuracy the very motives of the mind. LLM 311.3

The president of the Southern California Conference needs the power to see himself as he is in the sight of God. He is as a man lost in the woods, blinded by a dangerous confidence in himself. A humbling of the soul, with earnest prayer, and a diligent study and reception of the word of God, are the means by which to overcome these peculiar temptations. The armor of truth is to be found in the word of God. Clothed in this armor, a man will be humble, not dictatorial, but a learner from the Great Teacher. LLM 311.4

The Lord has witnessed the unnecessary hardships that have been brought upon Brother Burden. Avenues of assistance have been hedged up, and it has been made well nigh impossible to raise the money that has been needed at Loma Linda for the addition of bathrooms, and other needed facilities. There must be a change in these conditions. Relief must be given to this institution, which by the working of God in our behalf,has been brought within our reach. LLM 311.5

Influences have been brought to bear upon minds and hearts to lead men away from God, that they should obey men, and show to men the honor that belongs alone to God. He alone is to be honored and glorified. Men placed in positions of trust may be a help to the churches, but they are not to lord it over God's heritage. Neither are they to show favors to certain ones, with the expectation that they will in return receive certain favors from these persons. LLM 312.1

During the past night there has passed before me scene after scene, where men in positions of trust were bearing rule over their fellow men. There seemed to be with them but little burden for the sacred truth for this time, that would sanctify the heart, the thoughts, the speech, and the actions. LLM 312.2

One stood by my side, and said, “These men are becoming too wise to follow a plain ‘Thus saith the Lord.’ They are departing from God.” LLM 312.3

A Bible lay upon the stand, and the heavenly messenger held it to view, saying in solemn tones: “The Holy Scriptures of the Old and the New Testament. Together they are to act a more important part in presenting before the people God's saving truth. The Word is to be carefully studied, but not to present theories that will lead away the minds of the people, diverting them from the warnings sent to prepare a people to stand in the day of the Lord.” LLM 312.4

God has a message to be proclaimed in all the world. By every teacher in our schools, every minister, every medical missionary, the only true God is to be uplifted. But some of the watchmen are asleep. They are as the blind leading the blind. The time to labor is fast passing away, and Satan is leading some to stand as the accuser of their brethren who are bearing heavy burdens. LLM 312.5

Who of our ministers are awake, giving the trumpet a certain sound? The trumpet of some in official positions has been sounding their own exploits. The spirit that has characterized their work has borne the disapproval of God. Who of those that have been appointed to office in the work of God understand what that office embraces? Where are the faithful watchmen? LLM 312.6

Some who should be watchmen, are seeking to gain advantage for themselves in commercial lines. For the sake of financial profit they are becoming tainted with the spirit of commercialism. This spirit has so blinded the eyes of their understanding that they have not a clear scriptural understanding of Bible principles. At times when they have not been guided by the Spirit of God, they have dictated to their brethren, and have considered that any proposition that they might make should be accepted without question. Their position has been such that many of their brethren have been deceived and deluded. LLM 312.7

The word of the living God is to be our lesson-book. Here, in both the Old and New Testaments, is a statement of the mistakes made by ancient Israel. Shall we, as did they, fail to improve the most precious opportunities for doing the work of God? If, during the three years past, the opportunities had been truly improved to meet the requirements of this time, some who are now lost to the cause of God, would stand ready to serve as genuine missionaries. LLM 312.8

Awake, awake from your stupor, you who have been under the control of other human minds. No longer allow yourselves to treat with indifference subjects that need to be presented to the people with clearness. Your president does not realize where he stands in the sight of God. Influences have been brought in that have turned his mind away from the preparation that is essential for these last days. And as he has turned away from Christ, the spirit of commercialism has absorbed his mind. The light of the world has been eclipsed. There is a profession to know God, but there is even a denial of Him in words and in action. LLM 313.1

God permitted Christ, the Sun of Righteousness, to come to our world to seek and to save perishing souls. But today some who have been entrusted with the care of these blood-bought souls are denying Him in word, in method, in action. Darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people. LLM 313.2

Where are the earnest calls that should be given to arouse the people to that preparation of heart that will purify, refine, and ennoble characters to shine as lights amid the moral darkness? The soul is never safe, save under divine guidance. The word of God coming from sanctified hearts and lips will soften and break hard hearts. And if ever there was a period of time when the words of Christ should be heard, it is now. LLM 313.3

None but He who created man can effect a change in the human heart. Every teacher is to realize that he must be moved by divine agencies. The mind and judgment must be submitted to the Holy Spirit. Through the sanctification of the truth, we may bear a decided testimony for righteousness both before believers and before unbelievers. LLM 313.4

We are far behind what we should be in our experience. We are backward in pronouncing the testimony that should flow from sanctified lips. Even when sitting at the table, Christ taught truths that brought comfort and courage to the hearts of His hearers. Whenever it is possible, we are to present the words of Christ. If His love is in the soul, abiding there as a living principle, there will come forth from the treasure-house of the heart, words suitable to the occasion, not light, trifling words, but uplifting words, words of truth and spirituality. LLM 313.5

Let teachers and students watch their opportunities whenever possible to confess Christ in their conversation, speaking of their experiences in following Christ, praying with their brethren for the Holy Spirit. Confessing Christ openly and bravely, exhibiting in the choice of words the simplicity of true godliness, will be more effective than many sermons. There are but few who give a true representation of the meekness of Christ. Oh, we need, and we must have, His meekness! Christ is to be formed within, the hope of glory. LLM 313.6

We are preparing for translation to the heavenly world. Our conversation should be in heaven, from whence we look for the Lord Jesus. He is to be acknowledged as the Giver of every good and perfect gift, the Author of all our blessings, in whom is centered our hope of eternal life. LLM 314.1

Angels of heaven are taking note of all our works, and watching to see how they can minister to our needs. With intensity of spirit, all heaven stands ready to lend aid to us in our divine progress. Shall we improve our present opportunities, and receive the impress of the divine image? LLM 314.2

I am instructed that those who believe in the present truth, and who are set as guides to the people of God, are not to become engaged in commercial pursuits. Their minds must not become so absorbed that they cannot distinguish between the sacred and the common. A strife for victory in business deals will develop a pugilistic spirit, a spirit that is spoiling the record of some of our brethren in Los Angeles. Such a course will develop in these brethren characters that may not now be clearly discerned. We are to educate the mind in pleasant considerations of divine things. But those who suppose that they are to guide other minds, must in a most earnest manner seek the Lord. LLM 314.3

The only way that temptation may be overcome is through watchfulness and prayer. The trial of the faith must come. Satanic agencies are busy, endeavoring to spoil the record of many souls. Those who are neglectful of Bible study, are in danger of disregarding the Testimonies. Those who seem to feel that position and influence places them above temptation, are under a strong delusion of the enemy. In this conference there is a strong temptation to consider that position makes the man. Men placed in positions of responsibility are to honor that position, by a most earnest determination to be like Christ, as He gave us example in His earthly life. His life testified that the strongest of temptations are no excuse for yielding to sin. LLM 314.4

“In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto Me, and drink. He that believeth on Me, as the scripture hath said, Out of His belly shall flow rivers of living water. (But this spake He of the Spirit, which they that believe on Him should receive.)” LLM 314.5

“Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls, For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.” LLM 314.6

Ellen G. White