Loma Linda Messages


In Humility and Faith

Special instruction has been given me for God's people, for perilous times are upon us. In the world, destruction and violence are increasing. In the church, man power is gaining the ascendency, those who have been chosen to occupy positions of trust think it their prerogative to rule. LLM 270.4

Men whom the Lord calls to important positions in His work are to cultivate humble dependence upon Him. They are not to seek to embrace too much authority; for God has not called them to a work of ruling. But to plan and counsel with their fellow laborers. Every worker alike is to hold himself amenable to the requirements and instructions of God. LLM 270.5

To our brethren in Southern California I bear this message: The president of your Conference has the lesson to learn that he is not to endeavor to rule his fellow-laborers who have occupied positions of trust under God in the work; neither is he to consider himself capable of carrying all things after his own ideas. He has thought that it was his right to rule in every branch of the conference work, and this has led him to judge and criticize fellow-laborers who were better able than he to do the work. He must first rule himself before he can hope, to rule others wisely, or to plan wisely, for the advancement of the work. Position will not give to any man an all-round education. LLM 270.6

Because of the importance of the work in Southern Calif., and the perplexities which now surround it, there should be selected, no less than five men of wisdom and experience to consult with the presidents of the local and union conference regarding general plans and policies. The Lord is not pleased with the disposition some have manifested to rule those of more experience than themselves. By this course of action, some have revealed that they are not qualified to fill the important positions which they occupy. Any human being who spreads himself out to large proportions, and who seeks to have the control of his fellows, proves himself to be a dangerous man to be entrusted with religious responsibilities. LLM 271.1

Upon the Union Conference President should rest the greater responsibilities, and I am instructed that he needs other helpers to advise him in his work. He should not cling to the idea that unless money is in hand no move should be made that calls for the investment of means. If in our past experience we had always followed this method, we would often have lost special advantages such as we gained in the purchase of the Fernando School property, and in the purchase of the sanitarium properties at Paradise Valley,Glendale, and Loma Linda. LLM 271.2

To make no move that calls for the investment of means unless we have the money in hand to complete the contemplated work, should not always be considered the wisest plan. In the upbuilding of His work, the Lord does not always make everything plain before His servants. He sometimes tries the confidence of His people by having them move in faith. Often He brings them into straight and trying places, bidding them go forward when their feet seem to be touching the waters of the Red Sea. It is at such times, when the prayers of His servants ascend to Him in earnest faith, that He opens the way before them, and brings them out into a large place. LLM 271.3

The Lord wants His people in these days to believe that He will do as great things for them as He did for the children of Israel in their journey from Egypt to Canaan. We are to have an educated faith that will not hesitate to follow His instructions in the most difficult experience. “Go forward,” is the command of God to His people. LLM 271.4

Faith and cheerful obedience are needed to bring the Lord's designs to pass. When He points out the necessity of establishing the work in the places where it will have influence, the people are to walk and work by faith. By their godly conversation, their humility, their prayers and earnest efforts, they should strive to bring the people to appreciate the good work that the Lord has established among them. It was the Lord's purpose that the Loma Linda Sanitarium should become the property of our people, and He brought it about at a time when the rivers of difficulty were full and overflowing their banks. LLM 271.5

The working of private interest for the gaining of personal ends is one thing. In this, man may follow their own judgment. But the carrying forward of the Lord's work in the earth is entirely another matter. When He designates that a certain property should be secured for the advancement of His cause and the building up of His work, whether it be for sanitarium or school work, or for any other branch, He will make the doing of that work possible, if those who have experience will show their faith and trust in His purposes, and will move forward promptly to secure the advantages He points out. While we are not to seek to wrest property from any man, yet when advantages are offered, we should be wide awake to see the advantage, that we may make plans for the upbuilding of the work. And when we have done this, we should exert every energy to secure the free-will offerings of God's people for the support of these new plants. LLM 272.1

Often the Lord sees that His workers are in doubt as to what they should do. At such times, if they will put their confidence in Him, He will reveal to them His will. God's work is now to advance rapidly, and if His people will respond to His call, He will make the possessors of property willing to donate of their means, and thus make it possible for His work to be accomplished in the earth. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Faith in the word of God will place His people in the possession of property which will enable them to work the large cities that are waiting for the message of truth. LLM 272.2

The cold, formal, unbelieving way in which some of the laborers do their work is a deep offense to the Spirit of God. The apostle Paul says, “Do all things without murmurings and disputings; that ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world; holding forth the word of life, that I may rejoice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither labored in vain. Yea, and if I be offered on the sacrifice and service of your faith, I joy and rejoice with you all.” LLM 272.3

We are to encourage in one another that living faith that Christ has made it possible for every believer to have. The work is to be carried forward as the Lord prepares the way. When He brings His people into strait places, then it is their privilege to assemble together for prayer, remembering that all things come of God. Those who have not yet shared in the trying experiences that attend the work in these last days, will soon have to pass through scenes that will severely test their confidence in God. It is at the time when His people see no way to advance, when the Red Sea is before them, and the pursuing army behind, that God bids them “Go forward.” Thus He is working to test their faith. When such experiences come to you, go forward, trusting in Christ. Walk step by step in the path He marks out. Trials will come, but go forward. This will give you an experience that will strengthen your faith in God, and fit you for truest service. LLM 272.4

A deeper and wider experience in religious things is to come to God's people. Christ is our example. If through living faith and sanctified obedience to God's word, we reveal the love and grace of Christ, if we show that we have a true conception of God's guiding providences in the work, we shall carry to the world a convincing power. A high position does not give us value in the sight of God. Man is measured by his consecration and faithfulness in working out the will of God. If the remnant people of God will walk before Him in humility of faith, He will carry out through them His eternal purpose, enabling them to work harmoniously in giving to the world the truth as it is in Jesus. He will use all, men, women, and children, in making the light shine forth to the world, and calling out a people that will be true to His commandments. Through the faith that His people exercise in Him, God will make known to the world that He is the true God, the God of Israel. LLM 273.1

“Let your conversation be as becometh the gospel of Christ, the apostle Paul exhorts, “That whether I come and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving for the faith of the gospel; and in nothing terrified by your adversaries; which is to them an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that of God. For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on Him, but also to suffer for His sake.” (Philippians 2:1-13) LLM 273.2

I have been instructed to present these words to our people in Southern Calif. They are needed in every place where a church is established; for a strange experience has been coming into our ranks. It is time now for men to humble their hearts before God, and to learn to work in His ways. Let those who have sought to rule their fellow-workers study to know what manner of spirit they are of. They should seek the Lord by fasting and prayer, and in humility of soul. Christ in His earthly life gave an example that all can safely follow. He appreciates His flock, and He wants no power set over them that will restrict their freedom in His service. He has never placed man as a ruler over His heritage. True Bible religion will lead to self control, not to control of one another. As a people we need a larger measure of the Holy Spirit, that we may bear the solemn message that God has given us without exaltation. LLM 273.3

Brethren, keep your words of censure for your individual selves. Teach the flock of God to look to Christ, not to erring man. Every soul who becomes a teacher of the truth must bear in his own life the fruit of holiness. Looking to Christ and following Him, He will present to the souls under His charge an example of what a living, learning Christian will be. Let God teach you His way. Inquire of Him daily to know His will. He will give unerring counsel to all who seek Him with a sincere heart. Walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you are called, praising God in your daily conversation as well as in your prayers. Thus holding forth the word of life, you will constrain other souls to become followers of Christ. LLM 273.4

Ellen G. White


S.-302 -'07 September 19,’07

Sanitarium, Calif.

Dr. Lillie Wood Starr, Loma Linda, Calif.:

Dear Sister Starr,

I feel very thankful that you have had the privilege of becoming better acquainted with the workers of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Our workers should make special efforts to come in touch with this organization, and to connect with the workers in the temperance cause. This will prove a great help to our own people, and also to these women workers. If the present truth is presented to them in the simplicity of godliness, they will see and accept it. We must keep close to the Lord. If we are imbued with His Spirit, the light will shine forth. It is Christ in the life that will make the truths we advocate forcible, and will lead souls to accept Him. LLM 274.1

While many of the workers in the W.C.T.U. have heard the truth of the third angel's message, there are many more who have never had it presented to them in its fullness. These women will not be condemned for not receiving that which they have not heard. I have been shown that if the Sabbath truth is presented to these, many will accept it. We should not neglect them, or treat them as if they were opposed to the cause of present truth. By showing ourselves interested in their work of temperance, we shall open the way to give them the light we have. LLM 274.2

We need so much to study Christ's methods of labor. He traveled continually from place to place, ministering to the temporal and spiritual needs of the multitudes that followed Him. He grasped every opportunity of presenting truth to the people, and the seeds of truth he dropped into the hearts of His hearers sprang up and brought forth fruit ... LLM 274.3

I have been shown that we have not labored as we should for the women of the W.C.T.U. They need patient, wise, Christ-like efforts made for them. We can never do for them what God expects of us by standing apart from them to condemn. We need to give them the truth as it was revealed in the life of Jesus. LLM 274.4

Let no one hinder you from putting forth efforts to get the Sabbath truth before this class. Show them that you desire to connect with them in their work of temperance. Draw near to them, and in your association together, show them that you have a practical faith. And they, by coming to our meetings, and being permitted to have a part in them, will learn the reasons of our faith. LLM 274.5

At our campmeetings we should make special efforts to reach the unbelieving, and to let the light shine forth amid the moral darkness. Consecration meetings should be held as well as discourses given. The living truths for this time should be preached. At the Los Angeles campmeeting, opportunities should have been improved to make special efforts for the workers in the temperance cause. The tame way in which the temperance question is being handled by our people is not in harmony with the necessities of the times. The work of making known our belief in matters of temperance should now be entered into most heartily. When the W.C.T.U. workers see that we are in harmony with their temperance principles, they will be willing to listen to other points of our faith. As we present our principles on health reform, they will see that there is further light for them on the temperance question. We can bring the Sabbath truth before them. LLM 275.1

I cannot at this time write as fully as I desire, but I urge you, my sister, to let the light of health reform shine forth in clear, bright rays. The Lord will bless you in this work as He makes your knowledge of the truth a blessing to others. Lean hard upon God; trust fully in Him; walk in humility, realizing that the Lord is your helper, and your deliverer, your front guard and your rearward. LLM 275.2

Ellen G. White


Sanitarium, Calif.,

N.-306-'07 Sept. 30, 1907.

Dr. C. C. Nicola, Hinsdale, Ill.:

Dear Brother and Sister Nicola,

Brother Burden has informed me that you have been considering again going to Loma Linda. I thank the Lord for this, for I know that Loma Linda is the place where you should go. I trust that the snare of the enemy is broken. LLM 276.1

A message has been given me for you. I am charged to say to you, Do not go to Battle Creek. You do not understand how the enemy is working to place you in opposition to the truth and the work of God. LLM 276.2

A. T. Jones, Dr. Kellogg, and Elder Tenney are all working under the same leadership. They are classing themselves with those of whom the apostle writes, “Some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.” In the case of A. T. Jones, I can see the fulfillment of the warnings that were given me regarding him. LLM 276.3

I want this message to come to you before you shall make a wrong move. I do not want you to imperil your souls. Heed the message that the Lord sends, and have nothing to do with those at Battle Creek who are opposing the messages of the Spirit of God. Clear light has been given me regarding those who are thus departing from the faith. LLM 277.1

I want you to understand that you are both in positive danger. I plead with you to break this influence that would lead you into wrong paths. It proceeds from the one who, if it were possible, would deceive the very elect. Free yourselves from the influence prevailing at Battle Creek, and place yourselves fully on the Lord's side. I do not want you to lose your souls. I beg of you to resist the devil. Make your calling and election sure. Christ gave His precious life for you. Do not let Him make this sacrifice in vain. LLM 277.2

My brother and sister, this is a life and death question with you. As the Lord's messenger, I urge you to free yourselves from the snare of Satan, and place yourselves on the platform of eternal truth. I cannot let you take this step without warning you of your danger. If I should do this, I could not be clear before God. LLM 277.3

The world is fast becoming as it was before the flood. Wickedness of every description is abroad in the land. Very soon the earth will be ripe for destruction. It is the time now for those who believe that Jesus is soon coming to take their stand fully on the Lord's side. I have an earnest desire that you shall stand with God's people. LLM 277.4

I believe, Brother and Sister Nicola, that you will heed these words, and decide to connect with the Loma Linda Sanitarium. Will you not write to me as soon as you receive this, and set my mind at rest. May the Lord give you His Holy Spirit to guide and direct you, is my prayer. LLM 277.5

Ellen G. White


B.-312-'07 Oct. 2, 1907

Elder J. A. Burden, Loma Linda, California:

Dear Brother and Sister Burden,

I have just written a letter to Brother Nicola. I have sent you a copy of this. We should use every opportunity we have to save these souls. LLM 277.6

The apostle Jude writes, (Jude 3, 4, 20-23) LLM 277.7

We shall have more decided opposition to meet from those who have departed from the faith. Those who were once strong teachers, but who have forsaken the way of the Lord, will be just as strong in their opposition of the truth. There is need now that our people be educated to put their trust in God alone. They must learn that their trust is not to be placed in any human voice or arm of flesh. We need ever to keep in mind the experiences of the children of Israel, and learn the lesson that the record of their failures is intended to teach us... LLM 277.8

The Lord wants you to understand your individual responsibility for the salvation of your soul. With the word of God as your guide and instructor, you are to personally work out your own salvation. You are to strive to secure eternal life, when you may dwell forever with the Lord. In studying how you may gain this, seek for that wisdom which God alone can impart. Accept the invitation, “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given.” “My brethren,” the apostle James writes, “count it all joy.” (James 1, 2-8) LLM 278.1

There is an individual work for all to do before our labors can accomplish anything for others. Blessed is the man who endures temptation, who when he is tried, takes the word of life as his own, brings the promises to the Lord, and claims them as his. This man relies not on any human power, but on the strength of the Lord. LLM 278.2

Faith in the word of God will bring to us the fulfillment of His promises. “Whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, that will I do,” the Saviour declares. “And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in faith, believing, ye shall receive.” When we learn to place our reliance, not on the words of man, but in God, He will make that word yea and amen to us in Christ Jesus. LLM 278.3

Brother and Sister Burden, study the Word. You are not to go to any man to learn your duty. Take the Bible as your guide, live its teachings. “Ask, and ye shall receive.” We all need a deeper spirituality; we should each seek God for ourselves. Let us ever remember that while we seek to follow one pattern Christ Jesus, we are to maintain our individuality. (James 1:16-20) LLM 278.4

When the Word of God is received and obeyed, your light will shine forth in good works. (James 1:22-27) LLM 278.5

Ellen G. White