Loma Linda Messages


Answered to Former Representations

Those who, in harmony with these directions, took steps to secure the property, were further assured by statements made by Sister White after she had visited Loma Linda on her return from the General Conference, that it answered fully to representations of places she had been shown should be secured. In a letter written from Glendale, June 23, 1905, to a brother in the South, she wrote regarding the property: LLM 2.5

“Until this recent visit, I had never before seen such a place with my natural eyes, but four years ago such a place was presented before me as one of those that would come into our possession if we moved wisely. It is a wonderful place in which to begin our work for Redlands and Riverside. We must make decided efforts to secure helpers who will do most faithful missionary work. If God will bless the treatments given, and Christ will let His healing power be felt, a wonderful work will be accomplished.” LLM 3.1

On another occasion Sister White wrote: “The buildings are all ready, and work must be begun as soon as we can secure the necessary physicians and nurses. I am anxious to see the work started. For some time I have been looking for just such a place as this, with buildings all ready for occupancy, surrounded by shade-trees and orchards. When I saw Loma Linda, I said, Thank the Lord. This is the very place we have been hoping to find. LLM 3.2

“The character of the buildings, the terraced hill covered by graceful pepper trees, the profusion of flowers and shrubs, the tall shade-trees, the orchard fields,—all combine to make this place meet fully the descriptions that I have given in the past of the place presented to me as the most perfect for sanitarium work. Everything at Loma Linda is fresh and wholesome and attractive.” LLM 3.3