Loma Linda Messages


An Open Letter

Loma Linda, Calif., LLM 204.1

B.-174-'07. May 19, 1907. LLM 204.2

Dear Brethren and Sisters,

The Lord has greatly blessed our people in Southern Calif., in enabling them to secure at very low cost valuable sanitarium properties. Through the institutions that are established here, the Lord desires to reach a class that can be reached in no other way. Therefore I would urge upon our people to whom the Lord has entrusted the talent of means, that they make loans and gifts to place these institutions in a position where they can do without embarrassment the work that will be to the honor and glory of God. LLM 204.3

For forty thousand dollars our brethren secured at Loma Linda buildings and land that cost originally one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. These buildings were furnished completely, far more elegantly than we would have furnished them. LLM 204.4

The Lord has worked wonderfully in bringing us into possession of this place. Here is a center from which light is to shine into the surrounding cities of Redlands, Riverside, San Bernardino, Colton, and other places near by. LLM 204.5

It has been found necessary to provide additional bathroom facilities at Loma Linda, and to make some changes greatly needed, and a small bakery should be added. We are in need of means to accomplish that which must be done, and we pray the Lord to put it into the heart of our brethren and sisters to help in this time of necessity. LLM 204.6

For years the Lord has instructed us that we should have a sanitarium in the vicinity of San Diego, where many thousands of tourists come every year. A valuable property was secured at National City at a very small part of its original cost. LLM 204.7

There an important work is to be done in caring for the sick, and in reaching many with the light of truth. At the Paradise Valley Sanitarium also it was found necessary to add to the original building, and obligations have been made that must soon be met. The Lord has blessed this institution, and some have been converted to the truth as the result of the work already done. LLM 204.8

At Glendale, a few miles from Los Angeles, we purchased a sanitarium at about one fourth its real value. This institution is at the present time full of patients. It is well equipped for work, and is in a position of influence. Its need is not so pressing as that of the sanitariums at Loma Linda and National City. LLM 204.9

The establishment of these three institutions has brought a heavy financial burden to our people in Southern Calif. Yet they have cheerfully responded to the calls for means that have been made. Brother Burden, Dr. White, and others connected with these sanitariums have invested all they could spare, that the work might not be hindered. LLM 204.10

We have none too many sanitariums. There is need for every one that has been established. In these institutions we are endeavoring to carry the work earnestly and solidly, in harmony with the instruction the Lord has given in regard to sanitarium work. They are to stand as a means of teaching the truth in these great centers of tourist resort. LLM 205.1

At our request, Brother Burden is going East to attend some of our campmeetings, where he may come in contact with many of our brethren and sisters, and lay before them the opportunities for assisting these important branches of the Lord's work. We unite in asking those who have means to spare, to consider the matter of investing some of their money in these institutions, thus helping to provide necessary facilities, that a thorough work may be done in caring for the sick who are coming to S. Calif. in search of health. LLM 205.2

May the Lord give ability to help, and a willing mind. LLM 205.3

Ellen G. White


Glendale, Calif.,

H.-176-1907. May 20, 1907.

Dear Brother and Sister Haskell,

We left home on our visit to S. Calif. April 18th. On our way to San Diego, we stopped off at Fernando, and we spent a few days at Loma Linda. At the Paradise Valley Sanitarium we found a very small patronage. Twice I spoke to the helpers and guests. On Sabbath and Sunday, May 4 and 5, I spoke to the church in San Diego. I bore a very plain testimony. Sunday afternoon, I followed an earnest appeal with a prayer. This was followed by a social meeting, at which some confessions were made... LLM 205.4

I remained at Loma Linda nearly a week, during which time I spoke to the students twice. Sabbath forenoon I spoke to a large number who had assembled from the surrounding churches. The meeting was held on the lawn. Among those present were some who have recently begun the observance of the Sabbath in Redlands, where Elder Hare and Elder Whitehead have been conducting a series of meetings. LLM 205.5

Seats were arranged under the pepper trees at the back of the Sanitarium. It was an interesting occasion. The Lord blessed me in speaking from the fifty-eighth chapter of Isaiah. Before I closed, I made a strong appeal to those who had means to help in the Lord's work, and I presented the needs of the Loma Linda Sanitarium. I urged them not to spend all their efforts merely in commercial lines, but to lay up treasure beside the throne of God. LLM 205.6

In the evening, Brother Nichols came to my room, his face aglow with happiness, and said, “I want to tell you what your words today have accomplished. A sister came to Brother Burden and gave him ten dollars, and a gentleman has offered to lend him a thousand dollars for a year without interest.” I thank the Lord for this response. LLM 205.7

From Brother Burden I learned that the one who had offered to lend him a thousand dollars is a patient who had been in the sanitarium for some time. He had a serious stomach difficulty, and for some time his life was hanging in the balance. The crisis safely passed, he has begun to study the truth, and is deeply interested. LLM 206.1

After the morning service, a lunch was provided by the sanitarium, on the lawn, for the visitors. Brother Burden felt that the sanitarium would not be a loser by doing this, and I agreed with him for I remember the experiences we have had in the past in making similar provision. Such actions are sometimes the means of sowing seed in the hearts of those who are inquiring after the truth. LLM 206.2

In the afternoon, Elder Luther Warren gave an excellent discourse. Brother Warren is an able worker, and we hope he may labor for a time in this needy field. Now is a favorable time to work Redlands. The Women's Christian Temperance Union recently held an important convention in Redlands, and Dr. Starr attended their meetings. She was introduced to the convention, and by invitation spoke to them on the subject of healthful dress. She was well received, and has received many invitations to give lectures at various places. We trust that the Lord will open the way before her, and that she may be a help in removing the prejudice of some, that they may be willing to listen to the truth... LLM 206.3

Ellen G. White


R.-182-'07. May 22, 1907.

Glendale, Calif.,

Elder A. T. Robinson:

Dear Brother Robinson, LLM 206.4

At our request Brother Burden has consented to visit important gatherings of our people in the Middle West, and to endeavor to secure gifts or loans for some of our Southern Calif. Sanitariums. We desire that wherever he goes, he may be given opportunity to present the work and needs of the Paradise Valley and Loma Linda Sanitariums. We need help in both places. Both at Loma Linda and Paradise Valley it has been necessary to build additions to the main building for bathrooms. This had left us with debts that must be met shortly, and we greatly need financial assistance. LLM 206.5

At Loma Linda, a school is being conducted for the training of medical missionary evangelists, and we want this school to be of the highest order. Both the sanitarium and the school can be a help one to the other. LLM 206.6

Elder Burden has felt an earnest interest in the advancement of the Sanitarium work along right lines. He and Sister Burden have put their whole soul into an effort to make the work at Loma Linda a success. They have put into the institution all the means they could spare to keep the enterprise moving. We have the utmost confidence in the integrity of Brother Burden, and have no reason to doubt that the Lord selected him as the manager of the Loma Linda Sanitarium. LLM 206.7

Will you, Brother Robinson, assist Brother Burden in his mission in behalf of these institutions? You may introduce him to some of our loyal brethren who have means, or you may permit him to speak before gatherings of our people, and raise donations or loans in your conference. We trust that our brethren in Nebraska may be able to assist in relieving the pressure for means that exists at present in these two sanitariums that the Lord has providentially placed in our hands. LLM 207.1

Ellen G. White


B.-186-'07. May 29, 1907.

Sanitarium, Calif.,

Elder G. I. Butler, 24th Ave., North Nashville, Tennessee:

My dear Brother,

I received your letter, for which I thank you. I am always glad to hear from you. LLM 207.2

For nearly six weeks I have been absent from St. Helena, traveling in S. Calif.... Sabbath and Sunday, April 20 and 21, I spent at Fernando. Our school this year at Fernando has been greatly blessed. Many of the students have offered themselves for service in the Master's vineyard. On Monday I left for Loma Linda. I remained there a little over a week, and returned again to Loma Linda after a visit to Paradise Valley, San Diego, San Pasqual, and Escondido. LLM 207.3

On Sabbath, May 18th, the members of several churches gathered at Loma Linda, and we held meetings under the pepper trees on the lawn at the back of the sanitarium. In the forenoon I spoke for one hour, and the Lord helped me wonderfully. Before closing my remarks, I presented to those present the needs of the sanitarium, and expressed the desire that sufficient money might be received to complete the payments on the additions that have been made to the main building. Before we purchased the property, the main building had been used mostly as a hotel, and the bathroom facilities were limited. In order to do efficient work in the sanitarium, it was necessary to make additions to the buildings already standing. Dr. White, Brother and Sister Burden, and the sisters of Sister Burden, invested in the sanitarium at Loma Linda all that they could possibly spare, but there still remains an indebtedness that must be cleared off. LLM 207.4

After the morning service, a lunch was provided by the sanitarium for the visitors, and served on the lawn. Brother Burden felt that the sanitarium would not be a loser by this entertainment and I agreed with him; for I remember the experiences we have had in the past in making similar provision. Such acts of hospitality are sometimes the means of sowing seed in the hearts of those who are inquiring after truth. LLM 207.5

In the afternoon Elder Luther Warren gave an excellent discourse. Brother Warren is an able worker, and we hope that he may labor for a time in this needy field. At present he is resting somewhat on account of the condition of his own and his wife's health. After his service, the visitors left for their homes; and all were agreed that they had spent a pleasant day. and had been blessed by the discourses. LLM 208.1

After the Sabbath, Brother Nichols came to my room, his face glowing with happiness, and said, “I want to tell you what your words today have accomplished.” He then told me that one sister had come to Brother Burden and given him ten dollars, and that a gentleman had offered to lend him one thousand dollars for a year without interest. I felt to praise the Lord at this response. LLM 208.2

Later, Brother Burden gave me some particulars concerning this man who has loaned the money. He was brought to the sanitarium in such a diseased condition that his case was thought to be hopeless, but he was carefully treated, and the crisis was safely passed. He is one of the most grateful patients they have had. He has become interested in the truth, and by his loan he has shown his appreciation of what has been done for him. LLM 208.3

I had promised to speak at Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon, so it was necessary for us to hasten away by the early train from Loma Linda. We had about sixty miles to travel. On our arrival at Los Angeles, we went up to our restaurant and treatment rooms on Hill Street, and while waiting there before the service I prayed to the Lord for strength for the work before me. LLM 208.4

At the church we found that a large crowd had gathered. Every foot of room was occupied, even the aisles being filled, and I was told that some were unable to find entrance to the building. Among those present were a large number not of our faith. LLM 208.5

I presented the importance of obedience to the commandments of God, dwelling upon the instruction given in connection with the proclamation of the law from Mt. Sinai. Never before had these Scriptures appealed to me so forcibly. I spoke for a full hour, and the interest was marked throughout. As I felt my voice weakening, I paused to send a prayer to heaven for help. Then the power of the Holy Spirit strengthened me, and I knew that angels of God were by my side. At the last I became somewhat hoarse, but I felt very thankful that the Lord had permitted me to speak so long and so distinctly... LLM 208.6

Ellen G. White