The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials


Chapter 145—Diary Entry

One Entry from Ms 81, 1893

Wednesday, July 19, 1893

Lost two hours’ sleep during the night. Waken in morning at half past four. I thank my heavenly Father that I am feeling refreshed in body and in mind. I commit myself every morning to the Lord, in earnest prayer that He will control my mind through the day. I plead with God that through the imparted grace of Christ I may have every thought brought into captivity to Jesus Christ. 1888 1195.1

Mail came from Melbourne today. Letters from W.C.W., Brother and Sister Starr, and Marian Davis, and two large packages of copy of manuscript sent to the American mail for papers and periodicals. I sent W.C.W. four pages, Marian and Fanny four pages, Brother and Sister Starr two pages and half. We could not eat until this mail was sent. We would have been glad for more time, but we had it not, I am grateful I could send as much. 1888 1196.1

Letter came from Brother Wilson to Sister Tuxford which she permitted me to send to W.C.W. Called on Sister Israel. Met Sister Hamilton from Brennan. Visited with her a short time. 1888 1196.2

I have written a letter to Leroy Nicola by lamplight this evening, in response to a humble confession sent to me two months since. He confesses his sin in taking the position he did in Minneapolis, and holding it so long without making confession. He makes full confession and I am rejoiced. I praise the Lord for this victory over the powers of darkness. Elder Morrison has, I understand, made a full and thorough confession publicly, and he is again a free man. I have written four pages of letter paper to Leroy Nicola, and then have written a stirring appeal in regard to the parable of the lost sheep. This striking representation has made altogether too little impression on the minds of God's people. They have not been doers of the work which this parable clearly defines should be done to save the straying sheep and bring them back with rejoicing to the fold. 1888 1196.3