The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials


Chapter 75—To W. A. Colcord (incomplete)


Battle Creek, Michigan

March 10, 1890

Dear Brother Colcord:

I have been so very much pressed with labor, speaking and writing, that I have had no time to write. Your question I will answer as best I can. I take no credit of ability in myself to write the articles in the paper or to write the books which I publish. Certainly I could not originate them. I have been receiving light for the last forty-five years and I have been communicating the light given me of Heaven to our people as well as to all whom I could reach. I am seeking to do the will of my heavenly Father. 1888 620.1

I have never passed through such a scene of conflict, such determined resistance to the truth—the light that God has been pleased to give me—as since the Minneapolis meeting. I have again and again felt that I must make a decided move out of this determined opposing element, but every time the Lord has made known to me I must stand at my post of duty and He would stand by me. 1888 620.2

This has been the hardest, long and persistent resistance I have ever had. There is now a settled purpose with me to write my experience in full as soon as I can get the time to do so, that these events shall be recorded as they have occurred. Thank God that victory has come. 1888 620.3

Elder Butler and Elder Smith are men who, had they been where God would have had them, would have stood by my side to help me in place of hindering me in the work which the Lord has given me to do. Those who have not had the experience and the light that these men have had are only accountable for the light which God has given them. 1888 620.4

But the attitude of these two brethren, their words and their influence, have created for me labor, one hundredfold more taxing than it would have been if they had stood in the counsel of God. But they have not done this. 1888 621.1

(Remainder missing)

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