The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials


Diary — March 1889

[Battle Creek,] Sabbath, March 2, 1889

Spoke in the tabernacle in the forenoon from Revelation 3. I urged upon the people the necessity of religion in their homes, and of educating and training their children to have well balanced characters that the Lord can approve. 1888 269.1

In the afternoon I spoke about thirty minutes, then we had a social meeting. Again I urged the necessity of thorough work in the home life. While these duties so essential were neglected we need not expect the blessing of God. The Lord will work with our efforts but all will not do the work He has given us to do. 1888 269.2

[Battle Creek,] Sunday, March 3, 1889

Devoted my time to writing important letters to Dr. Maxson and wife and Brother T. in Oregon in regard to investing money in an institution in Fresno. The past course of Dr. Maxson does not appear straight in leaving the health Retreat as he did. 1888 269.3

Met with the ministers in the college chapel, Spoke about forty minutes with great freedom, then the ministers spoke in their turn. We had a refreshing season. 1888 269.4

Visited Elder Olsen. 1888 269.5

[Battle Creek,] Monday, March 4, 1889

This day I have had very threatening symptoms of the heart. This alarms me. There are some things that trouble me in regard to my writings—how much to write and how much to let alone. 1888 269.6

Attended meeting in the evening and spoke to a good congregation upon the duty of parents to their children, laying before them the state of things which brings the frown of God upon us. There were many testimonies borne but as yet they do not see or sense their wicked course in neglecting properly to train their children. 1888 269.7

[Battle Creek,] Tuesday, March 5, 1889

We had Dr. Kellogg's team and rode out to Richard Godsmark's. Emma White and Sister Whitney went with me. Found the roads not very bad. Sister Godsmark was at Battle Creek. Otho, who was with his wife and wife's sister at Brother Godsmark's, went to Battle Creek for his mother and we took dinner together. 1888 270.1

Wednesday, March 6, 1889

Rode down to see Sister _____ and her husband in regard to Sister Klose's money. Sister Klose is dying. 1888 270.2

At five p.m. received news of Sister Klose's death. 1888 270.3

Visited Henry Miller and had some talk with him that I think was profitable. Called and saw where Mary Stewart was at work, preparing in books all that I have written which has been put into print. At seven p.m. took electric bath. Visited Aunt Mary. Listened to the reading of manuscript for Volume I. 1888 270.4

[Battle Creek,] Thursday, March 7, 1889

Mailed letters to Elder Fulton. Listened to reading of manuscript for Volume I. Conversed with Brother Hanson. 1888 270.5

In evening attended meeting at tabernacle. Spoke about one hour, then called for those who had backslidden to come forward for prayers. About thirty responded. Many of them spoke and some confessions were made. While praying for those who requested prayers, the blessing of the Lord rested upon me and I was comforted and encouraged. 1888 270.6

I was in a perspiration when I left the meeting. It was past nine o'clock. My rooms were cold and I was chilled through. Could not sleep until midnight. 1888 271.1

[Battle Creek,] Friday, March 8, 1889

I thank the Lord this morning that I am as well as I am. I feel no ill effects from the exposure last night. Surely the Lord is good and I will praise His holy name. 1888 271.2

I had a profitable interview with Sister Rankin, matron of the college. Attended to some business in the city of Battle Creek. Was called from my visiting to have an interview with a young brother in the faith named Kellogg. He is in perplexity as to whether he shall study to be a doctor or a minister. I advised him to pray in faith that God would give him light, for His promise is sure: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally ...and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering.” James 1:5, 6. 1888 271.3

In the evening we had a consultation with Brother A.T. Jones and Brother Daniel Jones in regard to the work to be done in this church. We feel intensely anxious that the church as a whole shall recover herself from her lukewarm state. 1888 271.4

[Battle Creek,] Sabbath, March 9, 1889

Elder A. T. Jones occupied the forenoon, speaking from the fifth commandment. The Lord gave him freedom in addressing the people. In the afternoon I spoke to the people from Hebrews 2. I felt a solemn burden upon me for the church and urged upon them the necessity of taking up their neglected duties in their families. Home religion is needed. The congregation were somewhat stirred. 1888 271.5

We then called for backsliders and sinners to come forward and about one hundred responded, mostly young men and young women. We had a season of fervent prayer and then many excellent testimonies were borne. Many confessed their pride, their backsliding, their partaking of the spirit of the world, and their determination to live a different life. 1888 272.1

[Battle Creek,] Tuesday, March 14, 1889

Spoke to the people assembled at the tabernacle. Felt deeply over the condition of the church. The burden was heavy upon me. 1888 272.2

[Battle Creek,] Friday, March 15, 1889

Sick all day. Had chills and quite a high fever. Had to keep my bed all day. 1888 272.3

Sabbath, March 16, 1889

Sick Saturday; unable to attend meeting. 1888 272.4

Sunday, March 17, 1889

Sick Sunday. I am weak and debilitated. 1888 272.5

Monday, March 18, 1889

Thank my heavenly Father I am able to think and have a little strength to write today. 1888 272.6

Thursday, March 21, 1889

I was very weak, but tried to be in the committee meeting today. But after being helped up the stairs I grew so faint W.C. White helped me down and home. 1888 272.7

Friday, March 22, 1889

Again I tried to be at the committee meeting and succeeded, and said to them some very plain things in reference to the spirit that prevailed at Minneapolis. 1888 272.8

[Battle Creek,] Sabbath, March 23, 1889

In afternoon attended meeting, where the subject of the two covenants was presented by Elder A. T. Jones. I could not be pleased with the spirit that was manifested by Elder Underwood. He seemed to ask questions not for the sake of obtaining light, but of bringing confusion and perplexity by questions he did not believe himself. 1888 272.9

I felt it my duty to state to my brethren that those who acted so unchristian a part at Minneapolis had a work to do in confessing the spirit which prompted them to action, and in seeking as far as lies in their power to remove the impression they have left on other minds that was misrepresenting their brethren and misrepresenting me. If all who commit wrongs would feel that Jesus loves us more dearly for the temptation that has been yielded to and confessed, than if there had been no error, no breach in the armor! 1888 273.1

[Battle Creek,] Wednesday, March 27, 1889

Had a long talk with Brother Conradi, speaking plainly of the unchristlike spirit in which nearly all of our ministering brethren acted a part. When the questioning voice, full of earnest interest, should have been asking, “Watchmen, what of the night?” there were pale faces peering out into the darkness. The response comes, “The night cometh, and also the day.” 1888 273.2

Thursday, March 28, 1889

Left Battle Creek at twelve o'clock p.m. in company with Fanny Bolton, Arrived at Chicago at half past seven. We met Brother Sisley in the depot and he accompanied us to the mission. We were above one hour in reaching our destination. We were welcomed, and a very nice room was prepared for us—a parlor and bedroom curtained off from the parlor. 1888 273.3

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from handwritten Diary No. 7
December 14, 1959.