Sowing Beside All Waters


Sowing Beside All Waters

A Missionary Church

All to Act a Part

A few in different towns who really believe the truth, will exert an influence and excite inquiry in regard to their faith; and if their lives are exemplary, their light will shine, and they will have a gathering influence.... The great work now to be accomplished is to bring up the people of God to engage in the work, and exert a holy influence. They should act the part of laborers. With wisdom, caution, and love, they should labor for the salvation of neighbors and friends. There is too distant a feeling manifested. The cross is not laid right hold of, and borne as it should be. All should feel that they are their brother's keeper; that they are in a great degree responsible for the souls of those around them. PH078 3.1

The brethren err when they leave this work all to the ministers. The harvest is great, and the laborers are few. Those who are of good repute, whose lives are in accordance with their faith, can be workmen. They can converse with others, and urge upon them the importance of the truth. They must not wait for the ministers, and neglect a plain duty which God has left for them to perform. [Testimonies for the Church 1:368, 369.] PH078 4.1