Selections from Testimonies to the Managers and Workers in our Institutions


A Lowered Standard

In the present state of society, with the lax morals of not only youth but those of age and experience, there is great danger of becoming careless, and giving especial attention to favorites, and thus creating envy, jealousy, and evil surmising. But few realize that they drive away the Spirit of God with their selfish thoughts and feelings, their foolish, trifling talk. When admonished, they say, “I meant no harm.” What do these frivolous ones mean? Do they forget that that which they sow they shall also reap? This silly, nonsensical conversation reveals a weak character and is an offense to God. If the grace of Christ were planted in their hearts, and striking its roots down deep into good soil, they would bear fruit of an altogether different character. They would be acquiring moral stamina, that strength of purpose and solidity of character which are essential for the great and good work that ought to be done. Others would feel their influence, and would take knowledge of them that they were led and taught by Jesus. PH149 8.2

Many of these trifling, frivolous ones make a profession of religion, and this hollow form of godliness has been so long tolerated that it has pervaded our institutions, and extends to our churches. The standard of piety is lowered into the dust. PH149 9.1

Careful attention should be given to the moral standing and influence of everyone employed in our institutions. If the workers are in any way impure in heart of life, it will be revealed in their words and actions, notwithstanding their efforts to conceal the truth. If they are not strictly moral, there is danger in employing them, for they will be in a position where they can mislead those who desire to reform, and can confirm them in unholy, defiling practices.... PH149 9.2

Our probation is short at best; we have no time to spend in erratic movements. The familiarity of married men with married women and with young girls, is disgusting in the sight of God and holy angels. The forwardness of young girls in placing themselves in the company of young men, hanging around where they are at work, entering into conversation with them, talking common, idle talk, is belittling to womanhood. It lowers them, even in the estimation of those who indulge in such things. There is a positive necessity for reform. All frivolity, all undue attention of men to women, or women to men, must be condemned and discontinued. These things have produced great evil in the world. PH149 10.1

The first appearance of irregularity in conduct should receive attention. The young should be taught to be frank yet modest in all their associations. They should be taught to respect just rules and authority. If they refuse to do this, after the right kind of labor has been bestowed upon them, let them be dismissed, whatever position they occupy; for they will demoralize others. PH149 10.2