Testimonies to the Church Regarding The Strengthening of Our Institutions and Training Centers


Chapter 5—Our Huntsville School as a Training Center

It is cheering to know that in the Southern States of America a few faithful laborers have made a beginning here and there in giving the third angel's message to the colored race. It is also cheering to know that among our brethren and sisters in the more favored fields of America, there are warm hearts beating in sympathy with the hearts of those who have bravely borne a burden of labor for the colored people. The Lord has been working with and for the tried laborers in the South. There has been laid a foundation that will be as enduring as eternity. SpTB08 18.1

And yet, all the work that has been done is only a beginning, as it were. Our people have put forth only a small part of the earnest effort that they should have put forth to warn the indifferent, to educate the ignorant, and to minister to the needy souls in this field. God is now calling upon His people to take advance steps in the South. He is calling upon us to place in the hands of those on the ground means sufficient to enable them to do an aggressive, quick work. SpTB08 18.2