Testimonies to the Church Regarding The Strengthening of Our Institutions and Training Centers


Training-Schools for Workers

“Our institutions should be missionary agencies in the highest sense, and true missionary work always begins with those nearest. In every institution there is missionary work to be done.... As our publishing houses take upon themselves a burden for missionary fields, they will see the necessity of providing for a broader and more thorough education of workers. They will realize the value of their facilities for this work, and will see the need of qualifying the workers, not merely to build up the work within their own borders, but to give efficient help to institutions in new fields. SpTB08 9.1

“God designs that our publishing houses shall be successful educating schools, both in business and in spiritual lines. Managers and workers are ever to keep in mind that God requires perfection in all things connected with His service. Let all who enter our institutions to receive instruction understand this. Let opportunity be given for all to acquire the greatest possible efficiency. Let them become acquainted with different lines of work, so that, if called to other fields, they will have an all-round training, and thus be qualified to bear varied responsibilities.”—Testimonies for the Church 7:144-147. SpTB08 9.2