Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers—No. 7


Only God's Plans to be Followed

You are not to limit the Holy One of Israel, whose power is of old, and whose ways are past finding out. If you mark out ways whereby you expect God to work, you will be disappointed. The kingdom of heaven cometh not with observation. You are to leave God to work in his own way, and you must walk, not by sight, but by faith. God has a work to be done, and it is a very solemn, sacred work. It is not wise to follow plans of your own devising. Some who now bear the message of truth, will let the banner fall from their hands, and trail in the dust, and will then trample it under their feet. Some who are now in the darkness of error will receive the truth, and be converted, and will lift aloft the banner from the hands of those who now hold it. Your only hope is in firm reliance upon God. Watch unto prayer; move forward in hope, expressing gratitude, revealing the victory of faith in your own soul, and others will be influenced to follow the leadings of God. SpTA07 18.1

The light which God has given, he desires us to let shine to the world. It will be of no value unless it can be seen. I declare to you, You must stand on the mount; your vision must be extended, to see not only the things that are nigh, but those that are afar off. Satan will have plenty of difficulties to hinder our advancement. But when Israel came up to the Red Sea, God directed Moses to bid them go forward, and at the touch of the rod which God had given to Moses, the waters parted, and left a plain path for Israel to travel. So it will be in our work. SpTA07 19.1

Read and carefully consider the third chapter of 2 Kings. You will have tests of faith similar to that presented in this chapter. All who will put their trust, not in what they themselves can do, but in what God can do for and through them, will certainly realize his power in their work. God will work in ways least expected. It is not your own strength that will turn the battle against the enemy, but the strength of the mighty General of armies, who works for his own name's glory. SpTA07 19.2

“Ye are my witnesses,” saith the Lord. Work while the day lasts, for the night cometh, in which no man can work. SpTA07 19.3

Mrs. E. G. White