Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers—No. 7


Attitude of Searchers for Truth

Be guarded, and search the Scriptures with all reverence; for they contain wonderful truth. Through the truth you are to be renewed, reshaped in character, that you may bear the imprint of the divine. There is light, precious light, for all whose hearts are softened and subdued by the Spirit of God. They will receive joyfully the bright beams of the Sun of Righteousness. Whatever God has written is for the instruction of all. That which he saw essential to inspire holy men to write, is for your edification. Only practise the words of truth, and you are safe; you will be God's light-bearers to the world. Study the word of God, critically and prayerfully, that you may understand the great vital truths concerning the salvation of the soul. Self-confidence and self-assumption will never prove a saving power to you. In humility, diligently seeking the grace of God, dig deep, know what is truth, and that your foundation is sure. The truth must be kept before the people; and you need constantly to realize your dependence upon God. SpTA07 14.1

Let not one man feel that his gift alone is sufficient for the work of God; that he alone can carry through a series of meetings, and give perfection to the work. His methods may be good, and yet varied gifts are essential; one man's mind is not to mold and fashion the work according to his special ideas. In order for the work to be built up strong and symmetrical, there is need of varied gifts and different agencies, all under the Lord's direction; he will instruct the workers according to their several ability. Co-operation and unity are essential to a harmonious whole, each laborer doing his God-given work, filling his appropriate position, and supplying the deficiency of another. One worker left to labor alone is in danger of thinking that his talent is sufficient to make a complete whole. Where there is a union of workers, there is opportunity for them to consult together, to pray together, to co-operate in labor. None should feel that they cannot link up with their brethren because they do not work in exactly the same line as they themselves do. Those who entertain such thoughts, show that they need the converting power of God upon their own hearts and characters, that their peculiarities may not become a hindrance to the work for the salvation of their fellow men. SpTA07 14.2