Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers—No. 7


Reserve Vitality Necessary

Never use up all your vitality in a discourse so long and wearisome that you have not a reserve of physical and mental power to meet inquiring minds, and patiently seek to remove their doubts, and to establish their faith. Make it manifest that we are handling weighty argument which you know cannot be controverted. Teach by precept and example that the truth is precious; that it brings light to your understanding and courage to your heart. Keep a cheerful countenance. You will do this if you present the truth in love. Ever bear in mind that eternal interests are at stake, and be prepared to engage in personal labor for those who desire help. SpTA07 8.1

The people must have something besides theories; they must have the living bread from heaven. In plain, simple language, tell every soul what he must do to be saved. God is your helper; he calls upon you to make known the hidden, unsearchable riches of the grace of Christ. Preach not your fancies, but preach Christ. Let the light of his righteousness shine into your hearts, and be revealed in your teaching. Living faith in Christ must be the very warp and woof of every sermon, the very sum and substance of every discourse; it must be woven into every appeal and every prayer. Then you will reveal him in whom your hopes of eternal life are centered. You need to pray for divine enlightenment upon the Scriptures; for the word of God is Spirit and life,—the leaves of the tree of life for the healing of the nations. Search for hidden treasures in the Scriptures of truth. Precious knowledge that you have not, you will surely obtain. SpTA07 8.2