Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers—No. 7


Principles of Health Reform

The Lord has given his people a message in regard to health reform. This light has been shining upon their pathway for thirty years; and the Lord cannot sustain his servants in a course which will counteract it. He is displeased when his servants act in opposition to the message upon this point, which he has given them to give to others. Can he be pleased when half the workers laboring in a place, teach that the principles of health reform are as closely allied with the third angel's message as the arm is to the body, while their co-workers, by their practise, teach principles that are entirely opposite? This is regarded as a sin in the sight of God, and is one reason why he could not give greater success to the work in -----. SpTA07 40.1

My brother, you must no longer demerit the messengers and the message God has sent you in regard to the principles of healthful living. Testimony after testimony has been given, which should have brought about great reforms; but at home and abroad your life has been a decided witness against the warnings which the Lord has sent; and nothing brings such discouragement upon the Lord's watchmen as to be connected with those who have mental capacity, and who understand the reasons of our faith, but by precept and example manifest indifference to moral obligations. SpTA07 40.2

The light which God has given upon health reform cannot be trifled with without injury to those who attempt it; and no man can hope to succeed in the work of God while, by precept and example, he acts in opposition to the light which God has sent. The voice of duty is the voice of God,—an in-born, heaven-sent guide,—and the Lord will not be trifled with upon these subjects. He who disregards the light which God has given in regard to the preservation of health, revolts against his own good, and refuses to obey the One who is working for his best good. SpTA07 41.1