Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers—No. 7


Importance of Right Example on the Part of Laborers

“Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, N. S. W.,

March 30, 1896.

(Recopied July 27, 1896.)

Dear Brother and Sister -----,

The Lord loves you. I am aroused at two o'clock in the morning to write you those things which force themselves upon my mind. By your own choice you may place yourselves under influences which will help you to form a character for the kingdom of God, and make your work acceptable, or you may receive into your life that which will make your work a failure. SpTA07 36.1

It is of the greatest importance that ministers and workers set a right example. If they hold and practise lax, loose principles, their example is quoted by those who love to talk rather than to practise, as a full vindication of their course of action. Every mistake that is made grieves the heart of Jesus, and does injury to the influence of the truth, which is the power of God for the salvation of souls. The whole synagogue of Satan watches for mistakes in the lives of those who are seeking to represent Christ, and the most is made of every defection. SpTA07 36.2

Take heed lest by your example you place other souls in peril. It is a terrible thing to lose your own soul, but to pursue a course which will cause the loss of other souls is still more terrible. That our influence should result in being a savor of death unto death is a terrible thought, and yet it is possible. With what holy jealousy, then, should we keep guard over our thoughts, our words, our habits, our dispositions, and our characters. God requires more deep, personal holiness on our part. Only by revealing his character can we co-operate with him in the work of saving souls. SpTA07 36.3